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Why Jerome's sells so many mattresses and tips to care for your new purchase

About 30 years ago, Jerry was buying mattresses for Jerome's. National brand mattresses owned the market back then, and their national advertising budgets were huge. Jerry knew there was an opportunity to build a better mattress, for a better price. He partnered with local California companies to build exclusive mattresses locally. A few short years later more than 25% of all mattresses purchased in San Diego County are purchased from Jerome's. We have only been in the LA market since 2009 and those numbers are rising fast. If you're in the market, you owe it to yourself, to visit a Jerome's Dream Shop.

Jerome's has a Complete Fit process will help you navigate through the maze of options and come out on the other side feeling relaxed, confident in your purchase and ready for a great night's sleep! Additionally, our Dream Shop private label mattresses offer sensational values like generics, but when we add our four durability and comfort features, you end up with a mattress that you just can't buy anywhere else.

First, here's why our Complete Fit process is unlike anything anywhere else in the industry and the most important step in your purchase. Our certified bedding specialists have been trained in the science of sleep and will help you find the perfect fit. Depending on your dominant sleep position, your side, tummy, or back, that is the determining factor of what your body needs for uninterrupted sleep. It's fast, easy, and painless. Best of all, it's extremely accurate.

All of Jerome's mattresses are private label and offer exceptional value for a product that is much better than what the competitors have to offer. Why pay more for brand name products when our mattresses are made to the highest standards? The ingredients are the same, but we have added comfort features with higher density foams that you cannot find anywhere else.

Jerome's Dream Shop has all the latest technologies found throughout the bedding industry: Gel memory foam, super hi-density foam, latex, adjustable beds, pocketed springs, sleep cool technologies, and more. Of course, you'll find all of this and more at Jerry's Price

Don't give up on your new mattress too soon! Please allow for a break-in period when purchasing a new mattress. Your body may need time to adjust to the improved comfort and support of a new mattress. It is not uncommon for new mattress owners to need several weeks to adjust to their new sleep system. Jerome's does not offer a comfort exchange program. The reason for this you might ask? There are costs retailers incur with used mattresses that are inevitably passed down to the consumer. At Jerome's our bedding experts are trained to help you find the right mattress the first time. You'll sleep better knowing you made a smart purchase.

Once you've bought your new mattress, it's important to maintain it to protect your investment. First, protect it. A good quality mattress protector will keep your mattress dry and free from stains which can void your warranty. If you have pets or children, we recommend the use of a waterproof mattress protector. 

It is important to use a proper foundation. If you put a new mattress on an old box spring, you run the risk of it wearing down or breaking causing the mattress to start sagging. It's also important to use a proper bed frame

Rotate your mattress head to toe. This will help offset normal settling of the foam layers that may occur as they conform to the curves of your body and help your mattress wear evenly. You can expect body impressions to form. This is normal. When you purchase your mattress from Jerome's, we will send you scheduled reminders to rotate your mattress. Clean any stain with mild soap and water. Harsh chemicals may harm the mattress fabric and materials. Avoid bending your mattress. Carry it on its side for easier handling and it will also be less likely to get damaged. 

Finally, wondering what you'll do with your old mattress? We will gladly take your old mattress set for each set we deliver (*restrictions may apply).