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Today's mattresses with layers of foam and fluffy pillow tops have made it less necessary to have a 9" high box spring on your bed. You can now choose from 4" low profile or 9" standard mattress foundation bed frames, you can even place your mattress on a 2" bunkie board to provide support in place of a box spring. From standard bed metal frames to platform beds, Jerome's Dream Shop has just the right inexpensive bed frames to give you the height and style you prefer. Whether you need a foundation for your memory foam, innerspring or gel mattress, our certified bedding specialists will help you find the right mattress base board or metal base to give you balanced support night after night. Stop into one of our Southern California mattress stores to browse our selection of affordable bed frames, bunkie boards, and mattress foundations today.

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You are in the market for a new mattress, but you may also need to consider that you will need a new bed frame or foundation for that new mattress as well?

How do you know which one is best for you, your mattress, and your budget? The experts at Jerome's Dream Shops are ready to help, and because Jerry's Pricing always assures you get the best price and quality, there's one less thing you have to worry about.

But let's give a quick overview of what you might consider when looking for a bed frame foundation for your mattress.

In short, a mattress foundation is the support system you use to hold up your mattress. There are many different types, and you'll need to figure out which is best for you, depending on your mattress type, sleeping preferences, and budget. We've covered the budget; let's touch on the rest.

The mattress foundation you choose to support your bed can have a significant impact on the way your bed feels and how long it lasts for you. A foundation is essential for supporting both your mattress and your sleep. Once you find the bed that's right for you, you don't want to mess it up by picking the wrong type of support. What is the right model?

Having the right mattress support means you're experiencing all the benefits of your mattress the way intended. Placing your mattress on a strong bed frame foundation can help prevent sagging and can also change the way your bed feels (in a good way).

A good, sturdy foundation helps keep your mattress structurally intact by absorbing some of the motion and weight put on your mattress, which helps it keep its shape longer so you can get your money's worth. Bed frame foundations can add up over 16 inches of height to your mattress, which makes getting in and out of your bed more comfortable. It can also increase added storage by providing space under the bed.

A proper foundation helps keep your mattress from moving around while you're getting in and out of it. We can help you pick the right size for your mattress.

Raising your mattress off the ground can help protect it from dirt, dust, and mold. Plus, we offer bedding accessories, like mattress pads and sheets, check it out.

Depending on the type of mattress foundation you choose, it can help promote breathability, and therefore, help you get a more refreshing night's sleep.

Generally, you don't want to put a brand new mattress on an old bed frame foundation. You wouldn't build a new house on top of rotting wood, would you?

Having a weak mattress foundation can lead to several common sleep problems. If the mattress sags, it will distribute your weight unevenly, causing pain and soreness. If your bed squeaks and moves every time you roll over, it's annoying and disrupting. Also, older box springs can have a buildup of dust mites, which can make allergies and asthma worse.

Slipping between the sheets for a good night's rest should be a welcome thought. You should look forward to getting comfortable in your soft but supportive bed, but not everyone looks forward to bedtime. If you're more substantial, then you might dread going to bed because your mattress doesn't seem as comfortable as it did on the showroom floor, or you've started to notice squeaks and creaks when you shift in bed.

One way to ensure your bed is comfortable is to find the best bed frame for a heavy person. These mattress frames are made differently to offer more support where you need it, and you can have a squeak-free sleep. Whether you're carrying a little extra weight, your partner is, or either or both of you are considered overweight or obese, you aren't alone, and you can find sleep products meant for you.

Just as the quality and materials that make up your mattress will determine its lifespan, a weak foundation can deteriorate faster than a more expensive one.

How can you tell if it's reached that critical point? You might already know, based on what happens when you sleep on it. If you hear a consistent squeaking when you move in bed, that is likely coming from your support. Or, if your mattress shifts or feels unsteady, it's probably not getting the structure it needs. Likewise, if you're not getting good sleep, your bedding could be to blame.

Take your sheets and blankets away to reveal what's underneath. If you see any of these things, it's probably time for something new. Look for cracks or splintering of any wood components, sagging or bowing of your mattress or the support system, bent or broken steel frame, wheels, or legs and broken or loose slats.

By having a support system that isn't doing its job, even getting a new mattress might not solve your sleep problems. Quality support can lead to restful sleep and not an uncomfortable night of tossing and turning. Your mattress is only as good as the foundation beneath it.