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Shopping Guide: Multi-use Dining Tables for the Holidays

Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that we were planning our holiday feasts? Time is definitely flying along, and believe it or not, we are ready to start thinking about this year’s round of company and scrumptious meals.

Of course, in many homes, all of those guests end up doing a lot more than eating while they are in your casa. There’s board games to be played, eggnog to be savored, and arts and crafts for the kids.

All of this fun holiday-related activity adds up to one fact: you need tables, lots of tables. And if you just have room for one main table — not that there’s anything wrong with that — you should make sure it can withstand holding turkey and all the trimmings along with a Pinterest project or two.

With all of this in mind, consider the following table-related ideas. Whether you need a space-saving kitchen table or a formal dining room set, we've got you covered.

Got Guests? Got Tons of Food? Then You Need a Dining Table Set!

If Grandma Alice, Grandpa Fred, dozens of cousins, and dear old Great Aunt Ida are descending into your home for the holidays, you might be wondering where you will sit everyone while still having room for all the food. Fear not, as Jerome’s sells a number of buffets and servers ideal for holding the ham, green bean casserole, and platters of cookies. For instance, the Gramercy Server is a generous 54 inches by 18 inches and includes plenty of storage, including wine glass holders.

If you can spring for a larger table for your kitchen or dining room, this would be an ideal time to do so. In addition to offering more places for your mess o’ guests to eat, there will be lots of room for games and puzzles. Also, if you have plenty of helping hands in the kitchen, a large table is a super place for food prep like peeling, chopping, and dicing. 

When shopping at Jerome’s, check out our selection of dining tables in the San Diego area that come with extra leaves/extenders — ask to see our butterfly leaf or storage leaf options; this will allow you to keep the table smaller during the year and bust out the extenders when company comes to call. If you need extra seating for everyone, consider an extra bench for the kiddos — this eliminates the need to buy extra chairs.

Another option is to get a second table to complement the one you already have. The Hacienda Table is an 80-inch table that looks great as is or with a festive tablecloth. The weathered pine can withstand plenty of holiday activities as well as accidental spills of food, adult beverages, juice, and more. You might set up this table in the family room or living room if you have the space.

When shopping for tables, you might also want to check out counter-height tables you can place at the side of a kitchen island or peninsula to expand the space, provide more seating options, and boost your prep space. Some even come with a Lazy Susan!

To finish off the look in your kitchen, dining room, and family room, consider buying a couple of area rugs you can place under the tables as well as holiday accessories like table runners and candlesticks to help set the festive mood.

DIY-friendly Craft Tables

If your guests will be staying with you for a while, you will probably be looking for ways to keep everyone happily occupied. If you have some crafty types coming to your home, a big arts and crafts party is a terrific way to stay busy and get into the holiday spirit. Again, your table will play a big part in this activity, and it’s best to have one that can handle hot glue guns, hold heavy items, and be cleaned easily. 

The Haven Counter Height Table has a wooden top and a mesh shelf for added organization — you can tuck craft supplies under the table when not in use, and with its 52.5-inch size, you can seat plenty of creative folks. The Luella Two-Tone Dining Table is another attractive and sturdy option that includes storage space crafters need.

Also, because we understand that life — and spills — happen, we are pleased to offer our protection plan. Nicknamed the Oops Protection Plan, this five-year plan provides comprehensive coverage against a variety of furniture, including wooden tables.

If This Is Your First Home…

For singles or couples who have just bought their first home, you might not have the room for a huge table — and that’s okay! You can still host a lovely holiday meal for a few close friends, thanks to the help of the Nelson Dinette; the table set offers matching comfortable chairs, flexibility, and practicality. 

Another option is the McGregor Table, Stools, and Chairs that will give restrictive spaces extra shelves and serving areas. This way, if you have an unexpected plus-one for dinner, you’ll have plenty of room for everyone.

Mix and Match — Why Not?

You will be hosting a mix of personalities for the holidays and serving a variety of food, so why not have different types of tables and chairs for your guests? When shopping for new tables, not everything has to be all matchy-matchy — feel free to get a large table for your dining room and a small dining table and chairs in a different color for your kitchen. 

Have fun choosing your new furniture, and be sure to check out our selection of dining room tables near me online for inspiration before coming into shop. We look forward to seeing you!