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Furniture Confidential with Jim Navarra

Buying a mattress has always been a big deal. In 1954, when the first Jerome's opened, mattresses were a crucial part of the business. Sixty years later, the mattress industry has erupted like never before. New technologies, new supplies but the most significant change has been the increase in information.

Unfortunately, this information overload has spawned a few mattress myths. These myths are retold and reprinted so often that it's hard to know the truth. But with six decades of industry experience, there's no one more qualified to bust these myths than Jerome's.

Wear and Tear  is Undefeated 

Just like everyday items such as shoes, cars, and clothes — mattresses undergo wear and tear. It sounds obvious that you need to replace mattresses when the quality fades, but so many of us ignore the issue until a full night of sleep becomes impossible.

But who can you trust when it comes to mattress recommendations? Sleep bloggers with rooms full of unused mattresses will often funnel their readers to whoever is paying the fattest affiliate bounty. Similarly, bed-in-box companies with multi-million marketing budgets who face fierce competition for sales will urge buyers to replace their mattresses more often than necessary.

Instead, consider the Better Sleep Council, which was formed 40 years ago as the consumer-education arm of the International Sleep Products Association. The BSC offers a rule of thumb of replacing your mattress every seven years. However, this is just a general guideline, so if you hear that you HAVE to replace your mattress every seven years, or even every couple of years, that's a myth for sure! 

In reality, all you need to do is periodically check your mattress for irregular deformities and signs of wear. If you wake up feeling tired or have aches and pains in the morning — evaluating your mattress should be part of your checklist. 

Beware of the Name Game

Mattress marketing is just like any other industry. It's designed to make you learn, desire then buy. Targeted campaigns, clever names and persuasive gimmicks are all part of the game. But when it comes to mattresses, this type of marketing can add an extra layer (no pun intended) of confusion.

For example, the term 'pillow top' has been sold as a premium feature that adds something extra to a bed. However, if you prefer a firm mattress, pillow tops aren't for you. Additionally, there other super plush mattresses that will resemble the feel of a pillow top, but might not necessarily go by that descriptor. On top of that, the terms euro top, plush top, etc. can be used inconsistently so two companies might refer to the same feature differently.

Instead, focus on what feels right for your body.

Finding the Right Price 

The price range for a queen-sized mattress ranges from $200 on the used market all the way to $5,000 for the most "luxury" brand. This discrepancy makes the buying process more difficult. The wide range can be misleading in itself, as very few mattresses reach thousands of dollars in cost — and if they do, they're usually not highly recommended. So what price should you actually be looking for? 

$750 - $1200 is a good budget. The "bed-in-a-box" phenomenon began less than ten years ago as companies began focusing on hitting below $1,000 on their mattress costs by cutting out the middleman. Traditional mattress companies responded by creating their own bed-in-box concepts. Ultimately, this corporate competition is good news for customers because if you can get through the information overload and marketing tactics, the perfect mattress is out there. 

At Jerome's, we live by a set of values that drive our pricing and customer service that includes transparency, honesty, and family at its heart.

We've also been designing, manufacturing and selling our own mattresses for more than 40 years. Our Complete Fit System walks you through each component of your perfect bed. We've also patented Jerome's-gel®, a breathable, cooling gel that prevents heat.

To find out if Jerome's has the perfect mattress for you, be sure to visit one of our convenient Southern California showrooms or our mattress only Dream Shops!