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Although you may have heard the term "pillow top mattress" before, perhaps you're not completely sure what it means. Essentially, your mattress has an extra layer of padding across its surface that makes it exceptionally comfortable to sleep on. At Jerome's Furniture, we offer a solid selection of affordable and amazingly comfortable pillow top mattresses online.

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Best Pillow Top Mattresses in San Diego

As we like to tell our valued customers, you spend about one-third of your life sleeping, so you should definitely invest in a mattress that will help to support your body and help you go off to -- and stay in -- the land of nod.

Thanks to its extra cushy surface, a pillow top mattress is typically a bit thicker than a regular mattress. That means you might need to purchase sheets that will fit the mattress. Believe us when we tell you it will be well worth the investment.

Bellagio Plush

For those looking for pillow top mattresses for sale, Jerome's Furniture definitely delivers -- literally and figuratively. We offer not one, not two, but three models of pillow tops, starting with our Bellagio Plush line.

The comfort layer features the patented Aireloom Lift and is outer-tufted by hand to help hold all the materials in place and precompress the mattress to reduce body depressions.

The comfort layer is made from luxurious Belgian Damask fabric, and its three inches of ventilated Celsion Talalay Latex helps the pillow top mattress breathe while relieving body pressure. In the support layer, you'll find Pocket-Flex individually wrapped coils made from firm 15 gauge steel, along with two layers of wrapped Micro coils and a lumbar support pad.

This all adds up to an incredibly supportive mattress that is exceptionally comfortable. The foam encasement also helps to reduce the likelihood of motion transfer.

Rejuvenate II Plush

The Rejuvenate II Plush is another type of pillow top mattresses for sale at Jerome's. In fact, this model is our signature pillow top. With a whopping 30 years of research and work put into this mattress, you should know we take our pillow top mattress responsibilities seriously at Jerome's. Only the best materials are used to create the Rejuvenate II Plush.

This queen-size pillow top mattress features over 700 individually wrapped coils, making it the most conforming spring mattress you can find in our showroom. With a luxurious and uber-comfortable plush top, the Rejuvenate will let you get in those 40 winks of snooze by keeping your body in maximum comfort and eliminating any pressure points.

The mattress is also designed to reduce motion transfer, and the foam perimeter helps to prevent you from accidentally rolling off the bed in your sleep.


The last, but by no means least, line of pillow top mattresses for sale at Jerome's is the Support-a-pedic. The comfort layer is comprised of two layers of quilted luxury foam for an exceptionally pleasant sleeping surface. It also features Tru Cool moisture wicking performance fabric, which will help keep you cool on warm nights. The support layer features a 460 Verticoil foam encasement for a fantastic support system and a foam encased edge to prevent roll-off.

Come in to Experience the Best Pillow Top Mattresses

We welcome you to browse our website to check out our selection of pillow top mattresses before encouraging you to come into one of our Southern California showrooms to test as many of them as you wish. One of our friendly team members will be happy to show you the three different types of pillow top mattresses and explain more about their individual features.