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The Smarter Way to Shop for a New Mattress

Most People Use the Wrong Approach

Here are some widely held misconceptions: The most expensive mattress will deliver the best sleep; you get what you pay for; get the one with the newest technology; the major brands are the best; buying online, or shopping sales is the way to go; and a good mattress will work for most everyone. If you are tremendously lucky, one of these approaches might work for you. However, the best approach is to have your body determine which mattress is best for you in a blind comfort test, which is exactly what Jerome’s Complete Fit process is. The most comfortable mattress for you is the one that will allow you to attain deep and uninterrupted sleep for the longest number of hours. The Complete Fit process will help you find that mattress.

More and more of the health literature suggests how critical quality sleep is for our health. Even the American Heart Association now recognizes that quality sleep is a major contributor to a healthy lifestyle.

The mattress style that will work best for you mostly depends on whether you sleep on your back, tummy, or side. Your age is also an important factor. Like it or not, our muscle mass tends to diminish as we age. This means that older folks require a mattress with more soft surface support to avoid sore muscles and poor circulation. In addition, a heavier body will perceive a mattress as being softer than a person who is lighter. In summation, what people need varies from person to person, as mattresses are not a one-size-fits-all item.

Set a personal appointment or come into any Jerome’s Dream Shop to have a Jerome's Certified Bedding Specialist help you find the perfect mattress for you. With no cost to you or commitment, it is the best 20-minute investment you can make. 

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