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Your Mattress is Gross: Why You Probably Need a New One

Even the strongest of stomachs often have trouble handling this nugget of info: thanks to dust mites, dried sweat, mold, mildew and other nasty stuff, mattresses double in weight over time. Here’s the good news: This rumor is not true (whew!). Now for the bad news: This doesn’t exactly mean your mattress is pristine or can go for decades without being replaced.

In general, if your mattress is more than 10 years old — in other words, if you bought your mattress around the same time you were digging your new flip phone and President Obama was elected into office for the first time — your mattress is probably more than ready to be replaced. As for why, check out the following points and tips:

Old Mattresses Can Lead to Health Issues

The operative word here is “can.” Over time, mattresses will definitely accumulate their fair share of dust mites, those microscopic pests that can trigger allergic or sensitive reactions in some people. Hundreds of thousands of the little buggers can take up residence in your mattress. While the thought of this can send you into heebie jeebie mode, take heed: in most cases, only people with an allergy to them and/or asthma will be bothered by dust mites. Not to raise the “eew” factor even more, but the reason dust mites cause allergies in the first place is due to their “fecal pellets” — yeah, when a dust mite does his business, those who are sensitive to them can end up feeling ill. A dust mite allergy can be mild and cause symptoms like a common cold or it can be severe, leading to chronic coughing, congestion and/or asthma attacks. If this sounds all-too familiar and/or your mattress is at least a decade old, it is probably time to replace it.

Mold, Mildew and Mustiness … Oh My!

Depending on what type of climate you live in, your mattress may build up some mold and mildew over the years. Also, if you routinely let your kiddos on your bed and they have spilled their share of apple juice and water over the years and/or Fido hops up to snooze after going outside in the rain, this can also lead to M&M building up in the mattress — and we’re not talking about colorful chocolate candies. offers some helpful tips for extending the life of your mattress, including keeping it as dry as you can. Dab at spills with warm soapy water and pat it dry really well; also remove the bedding to let the mattress dry completely before remaking the bed. The best way to protect your mattress is to have a mattress protector. This also makes sure that your mattress maintains its warranty, which can be voided if it has stains.

Accidents + Jumping = Time for a New Mattress

Most kids cannot resist the urge to jump on a mattress. Even if this is verboten in your home — and it really should be, to prevent injury to both kiddo and the mattress — children will turn your Queen size bed into their own personal trampoline from time to time, leading to the box springs breaking down and even snapping. Also, those same adorable acrobats love to head to your bed when they are ill, which may mean your mattress has experienced its share of “accidents” over the years, as well as the aforementioned juice spills and puppy piddles.

Mattress Myths

To entice customers to replace their mattress right away, some mattress stores will use scare tactics or make statements that we feel are not correct. Common myths include the one we used to start off this article. The recommendation that all mattresses must be replaced after eight years — no if's, and's or but's — is also not correct in most cases and causing healthy people to freak out over dust mites is definitely on the dishonest side.

Tips for Mattress Shopping

At Jerome’s Furniture, we are committed to offering a wide selection of mattresses that are top quality and affordable. We are also devoted to eliminating the myths surrounding mattresses and helping our valued customers choose the best mattress for their needs. We like the tips offered over at Consumer Reports, which suggest that customers wear comfy clothing when mattress shopping and to take the time to lie down a number of makes and models. We won’t mind if you kick off your shoes and test drive our mattresses, spending time on your side, back and stomach. We are proud to offer our Comfort Fit process that will help you walk away with the perfect mattress for you and your family the first time.