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How to Tell if You Need a New Mattress

Your Mattress is Gross

Thanks to dust mites, pet dander, dried perspiration, mold, and other nasty stuff, mattresses double in weight over time. The good news is that this rumor is not quite true (whew!). The bad news is that over the years, these microscopic particles do sift through the cover and can cause allergic reactions or asthma when you breathe them. If your mattress is more than 10 years old, it is likely more than ready for replacement.

Many Mattresses Lose Their Support Quickly

A real pet peeve for us, most mattress manufacturers use low-quality foam over the springs that do not maintain its support over the years. That means that your mattress may have been a good fit for you several years ago, but not now. Unfortunately, it is impossible to notice the difference when shopping. All our premium mattresses exceed the industry standards for foam. We have designed our mattresses to maintain the correct level of comfort for you for many years.

You Are Suspicious That the Quality of Your Sleep Needs Improvement

The bulk of research on quality sleep suggests that we need a mattress that is so comfortable that it allows us to sleep deeply and without interruption for 2-hours in order to complete a sleep cycle. That is what it takes to get your REM sleep. To attain this level of comfort and sleep, the mattress needs to fit your dominant sleep position, body size, and age. Without quality sleep, people can wake up tired, feeling foggy, and not able to perform at a high level. Our Complete Fit process will help you walk away with the perfect mattress for you and your family.

Mattress Myths

To entice customers to replace their mattress right away, some mattress stores will use scare tactics or make statements that we feel are not correct. Common myths include the one we used to start off this article. The recommendation that all mattresses must be replaced after eight years — no if's, and's or but's — is also not correct in most cases and causing healthy people to freak out over dust mites is definitely on the dishonest side.

You Wake Up in Pain

The best mattress style for you is the one whose design matches your dominant sleep position, shape, and age. A person who primarily sleeps on his tummy needs an entirely different mattress than a person who sleeps on his side. A poor match will cause your body to work too hard while sleeping and leave you in pain. Our Complete Fit comfort test will match you up with the correct mattress.

Take the first step in securing high-quality sleep for yourself and find out how comfortable the mattress that fits you can be by trying our Complete Fit process. Visit a Jerome’s Dream Shop today and find your perfect fit.