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Your Guide to Essential Elements of Rustic Decor

Rustic decor can complement any home by transforming your living space to reflect the beauty of nature. Often overlapping with country-style decor, rustic style features furniture with a "rougher" appearance. Many pieces in this style may be unfinished or appear to have come straight from the woods, creating a look that can often be an escape if you live in the hustle and bustle of the city. Best of all, rustic decor can create a warm, practical interior to help you feel cozy even during the chill of winter months. 

If you're new to the whole rustic scene, fear not. This guide to essential rustic decor can get you started with choosing the right furniture, accents, and accessories to make your home decor authentic and beautiful. If you're convinced that rustic is the style for you and your home, you don't want to forget about these essential elements of rustic decor.

Essential Elements of Rustic Decor

Rustic decor draws inspiration from natural elements and textures, and it tends to have an earthy appearance, with design elements like small branches, unfinished wood (which looks great up against white walls), fur, stone, grain patterns, feathers, horns, reclaimed wood, exposed bark, and natural stone. The color palette typically consists of a range of neutral or earth tones, perfecting the shabby chic look that's in style at the moment. Colors like white, taupe, beige, and gray can help produce a calming environment. Jewel tones also work pretty well with rustic decor, as they add an air of extravagance.

Furnishing a Rustic Style Home

A rustic home means finding something rustic for every aspect of home decor, including linens and upholstery. Rustic furniture features thick lines and natural, simple fabrics to keep things visually appealing. Try throwing in some jute, pillows, hides, or sisal. You could also opt for chunky knit blankets or a faux fur throw for added elegance. 

Reclaimed wood furnishings like dining room tables or coffee tables can quickly help establish the rustic feel, as they act as centerpieces in an otherwise ordinary home. A natural and durable option for bathroom and kitchen floors, flagstone flooring can help add to your home's comfort factor. Don't be afraid to experiment with this design scheme with things like wooden accents over your doorframes and antique lighting fixtures.

Accessories and Accents for the Rustic Home

Complete your rustic decor with accessories like natural fabric rugs and wall hangings made from found objects. Not sure what that means? Think an oversized grapevine wreath over the fireplace or a piece of antique finish metal lining the walls. You can also opt for outdoor accents like branches, baskets, or unique rocks and stones. 

Consider light fixtures that look handmade (like faux antlers as a chandelier), or think about incorporating natural elements and textures like glass pendants suspended from high wooden beams or industrial and antique-inspired lights that come in natural materials like glass, wood, and metal. A rustic style often embraces mismatched furniture, including a variety of wood tones ranging from light to dark. You can also go for hand-made trinkets or paintings as far as wall accessories, but be sure to avoid clutter. Rustic decor is all about practicality and purpose, so find furniture and accessories that serve a purpose without adding too much to each room.

Give Your Home That Woodsy Flair

Now that you have a full picture of exactly what it takes to pull off rustic home decor, you can shop with certainty and find the perfect pieces and accessories to complete your home. Finding the best furniture and accessories is easy when you shop at Jerome's. 

With a wide selection of furniture and a range of styles, patterns, textures, and colors, we have everything you need to complete your new vibe. Bring home this versatile look by shopping in-store or online for the top deals in the area