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Why You Shouldn’t Treat Wall Art Like an Afterthought

Typically, when designing the interior of a new home, your first thought is picking out the furniture and figuring out exactly where things will go. Once the furniture is in its rightful place, then you’ll consider adding a few homey touches here and there, meaning wall art becomes merely an afterthought. But we’re here to tell you that your wall art is demanding to be (and should be) treated like a priority, not an option. Here’s why.

The Power of Wall Art in Home Design

Wall art in your home is really just a reflection of your own personality. Are you more outgoing? Perhaps you like bold colors and large, statement pieces like murals? Or are you more mellow? Maybe you prefer a more neutral color scheme with subtle details here and there, like a decorative shelf?

Whatever your personal style, wall art is truly a power player when it comes to your home’s design. It can do the following for a room:

1. Set the Color Pallet

One single wall piece can really tie a room together with its color scheme. Say, for example, you end up choosing a painting with shades of red for your living room. You would want to choose throw pillows that match to enhance those red colors. 

2. Create a Focal Point

Another thing a great piece of wall art can do is create a focal point. Typically, you would want to choose a large, flashier piece that grabs your guests’ attention as soon as they enter the room. 

3. Fill a Room

If you have a larger space, wall art can essentially fill the gaps. Multiple small pieces of wall art, like frames, can act as fillers for large chunks of wall. 

4. Create an Illusion on the Size of the Room 

On the other hand, if you have a smaller space, carefully placed hanging mirrors can make your space look twice as big. 

Whatever purpose your wall art serves, it is definitely more than just a piece hanging on the wall looking pretty.

Wall Art Is More Than Just Paintings

Let’s get one thing straight: wall art isn't just paintings. From mirrors to picture frames to clocks, the wall art possibilities are endless. So how do you choose? Here are just a few wall art ideas to consider when deciding what to hang up in your home. 

Macrame Wall Hangings

Macrame wall pieces are handwoven tapestries that are often tribal or boho inspired. They have become increasingly popular because of homemade craft sites like Etsy. 

Hanging Sculptures

If you want your space to be a little bit more modern, you may want to opt for a hanging sculpture. Hanging pieces from the ceiling or walls makes it look like the art piece is actually floating in the air, giving your space an edgier feel. 

Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes act as display cases for keepsakes and pictures. Like regular picture frames, shadow boxes are always a safe choice, especially if you’re going for more of a personal touch.

Metal Works

Again, if you have an edgier style, homemade intricate art pieces are going to be a great addition to your living space. Large, metal pieces will provide the perfect focal point for any room. 

Wall Art Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Another misconception people have about wall art is that you have to be wealthy to afford it. The good news is, great wall art doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Many small businesses and DIYers offer homemade wall art at fairly reasonable prices. Someone else’s hobby could very well become the focal piece of your living room! And the best part is, you can easily find them online with a simple hashtag search on Instagram.

Want something a little more legit? Check out your local art gallery and submit a "best offer" to see if they'll accept it. If you're lucky, you could snag a one-of-a-kind masterpiece at a steal.

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