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What's your style? Transitional

Homes decorated in transitional style are for those who are in the middle. It's not quite traditional and not quite casual, but resting comfortably in between. It is the most verstatile of the furniture styles with minimal ornamentation and allows for the best of both worlds. 


It is often described as "classic with a contemporary twist" It is chameleon-like in that it can easily shift between looks based on how it is accessorized. A transitional style color scheme is typically in the creme or brown family. This neutral coloring gives the transitional room a put together, serene look.


Why it works

It allows for the familiar and the fresh. It's comfortable and sophisticated. Transitional furniture has clean simple lines that adjust to their surroundings and accessories should stick with the neutral color palette, adding a pop of color occasionally for interest. 

It's the style for you if...

Transitional Accents

You like calm and serene spaces. Your favorite musical acts range from Taylor Swift to Ella Fitzgerald. You like the color brown. You consistently pick out of the perfect outfit to take you from the office to a swanky night out on the town. You rock the perfect look with a leather jacket for the office or a swanky dinner.

Transitional Style

Many of us grew up in homes that were decorated in a different era, by very different people. Many homes develop in a hodgepodge fashion with inherited furniture, and beloved treasures mixed throughout.

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