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Three Easy Tips to Transform Your Patio

Go look at your patio. Seriously, go! Now! We’ll wait. Okay, now that you’ve taken a good look, does your patio inspire you to get outside? When the weather is nice, do you spend as much time outside as you do inside? Are you tempted to invite friends over for a cookout just to show off that sweet, sweet patio? 

If you can’t answer yes to these questions, then it's time for a patio makeover. The days of rusty metal folding chairs that leave a checkerboard pattern on your bare legs and flimsy plastic outdoor tables are long gone. These days, patio decor is all about emphasizing comfort and style without sacrificing functionality. With modern outdoor furniture and decor, you can make the indoor/outdoor living dream a reality.

Emphasize Comfort

The key word in creating a patio that will be your favorite place to hang is comfort. Whether you have a sprawling pad or a small sliver of sunshine, focus on filling it with cozy, comfortable items. Make your outdoor living space an extension of your indoor living space by furnishing it with a gorgeous patio sofa set. For larger spaces, a plush sectional will create a lounge vibe, while a love seat and club chair set will invite intimate gatherings in a smaller area.

As the Dude so wisely stated, a rug really ties a room together. The best way to define your patio space is with indoor/outdoor rugs. A great rug will warm up the space, help visually separate a lounge area from a dining or cooking area, and possibly most important, ensure comfort for bare feet.

While you’re making the big decisions about patio decor, don’t forget about the small touches that take a space from just alright to actually livable, like access to electrical outlets and Wi-Fi.

Weather-Proof Your Outdoor Living Space

When furnishing their outdoor living space, people often feel the need to choose between style and function. Sure, a comfy couch and beautiful rug sound great, but what happens when it rains? And, yeah, plastic chairs will stand up to the elements, but they’re not exactly inviting. Life is full of tough choices, but when it comes to patio furniture, you really can have it all.

To get a stellar patio that can withstand harsh weather, you need to pay attention to materials. Use outdoor furniture made from weather-resistant material, and make sure accessories like pillows are comfortable but also waterproof. To get the most out of your outdoor space, install umbrellas, an awning, a canopy, or a pergola to provide shelter from sun and rain.

Set a Mood With Lighting

After outfitting your patio with furnishings that are both comfortable and functional, the final step is to add lighting. Lighting not only makes it possible to enjoy your outdoor space after the sun goes down but is the easiest way to create ambiance. Looking to create a romantic, boho mood? Use votive candles in colorful glass containers. For a brighter, more festive display, wrap nearby trees and shrubs with strands of soft LED lights. Install a fire pit for a dramatic, natural element that friends and family will love to gather around.

Think about creating layers of lighting. You want light that provides overall brightness, like strands of small bulbs, light that highlights interesting features in the yard or patio, like up-lighting on trees, and task lighting, such as lights along walkways or lanterns on dining tables.

Realize Your Indoor/Outdoor Living Dream

If your patio isn’t already a favorite part of your home, then the patio is not living up to its potential. It’s time for an upgrade. The formula for a patio you’ll love is simple: invest in comfortable, functional furniture and decor from Jerome's that can withstand the weather, and then add ambience with layers of light. Follow these three tips, and you’ll be well on your way to realizing that indoor/outdoor living dream!