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The right height

Is it time to step up your game in the kitchen, breakfast nook, dining room, or in the man cave? Do you linger in the kitchen chatting with friends over a cup of coffee?  Or perhaps, homework time happens at the kitchen counter. With many families looking to have rooms in their homes do double duty, bar stools are becoming more and more popular. Colors, styles and textures are becoming just as important as comfort.

How do I choose the right bar stool height? The last thing you want is to have your legs crammed under the counter or table. Pay close attention to the height of the area where your bar stool will be sitting. There are three common bar stool heights: counter height, pub height and extra tall. To sit comfortably, you should choose a stool that is approximately 9" to 13" from the top of the seat to the bottom of your counter. Here are some handy measurements to keep in mind as you shop around for just the right bar stool.

  • Counter Height: Range in height from 24" to 26" from floor to the seat.
  • Pub Height: These can range anywhere from 28" to 30" in height. This height is typically what you'll find in a restaurant.
  • Extra Tall: Ranging in height from 33" to 36" these stools work well with pub height tables and bars.

Bar Stools

Bar stools are a great way to bring color into a neutral space. Do you want your bar stools to blend in or stand out?  If space is limited maybe a backless stool would be a good choice because you can tuck it in when it's not in use. Today's barstools also come in a variety of features. Backless, swivel, padded, adjustable, look for easy to clean surfaces, decorative features, stools with arms, and more. And don't be afraid to mix and match for an eclectic look.

Barstool Eclectic

Another thing to keep in mind is the space around your bar stool.  6" is a good amount of space in between each stool or eating or socializing.  However, if your stools swivel and have armrests or backrests you may want to allow for a little more space.

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