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Stress Less With Distressed

Stress less with distressed furniture

Distressed furniture is purposely blemished to give furniture an antique or worn appearance. Distressing is added to create a unique look that is less than perfect. Whether your home has a shabby chic, contemporary or coastal vibe distressed furniture will add charm to your decor.

Bombay Dining Collection

Distressed and rustic finishes are applied to the surface of wood furniture to give it an aged look, the appearance of wear that is usually caused by time. Distressing is applied to furniture in a variety of ways. Sometimes pieces are hand painted with stains, glazes or furniture wax and sanded in a time consuming multi-step process creating a look of furniture that has been painted multiple times and years of use have worn away some of the layers leaving other colors peeking through. It gives the furniture a weathered and relaxed feel. Our Bombay dinette set is hand-distressed making each piece truly one-of-a-kind.

Stress Less With Distressed Furniture

A distressed look can also be created by lightly hitting the furniture with a chain or hammering small nail holes into it giving it dents and dings. It's a great way to camouflage imperfections making distressed furniture popular for families with children or pets. The normal rigors of everyday life will blend right in at the same time creating an inviting look, welcoming your guests to come right in. The Dublin coffee table, shown above, features rustic charm with lots of storage. Cast iron drawer pulls and metal supports give it vintage appeal.

Vintage Beach Bedroom Collection

Color patterns may vary in distressed pieces of furniture. Natural characteristics of the wood, wood knots, and seasonal cracks are natural markings that make each piece unique. The weathered look of our Vintage Beach bedroom collection is homey and soothing. The charming set will make you want to ignore the alarm clock and relax all day.

Harmon TV console

That's the beauty of distressed furniture. Each piece has its own unique style and character. Imperfections may be found in different areas. These imperfections are not defects and do not affect the strength or integrity of the furniture. Rustic pieces vary in color because the stain will penetrate each piece of wood differently depending on the grain. The Harmon console is a versatile piece that can be used as a TV stand, console table in your entryway, or as a server in the dining room. The eclectic console is painted in today's most popular colors with a rustic look.