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Avoid the "Build-a-Bed" Furniture Nightmare

Some furniture stores claim they can create a better life for those who purchase their furniture. But for most people, shopping at these stores can actually cause a great deal of stress and pressure on not only you but also your family.

And if you have ever made a trip to these types of "build-a-bed, a table, a bookcase" stores and then tried to assemble a piece of that furniture with your significant other, then you know exactly what we're talking about. The yelling, oh, the yelling.

But that’s not to say all furniture shopping and assembling has to be horrendous. Let’s find out some of the ways shopping at the "build-a-bed" store can be detrimental to your marriage, and hopefully, you can save on those pesky divorce fees.

Problem: Mazes Are For Pumpkin Patches, Not Furniture Stores

Many of these "build-a-bed" stores can have many floors crammed with showrooms, floor-to-ceiling decor and what feels like a never-ending maze. In fact, one of the biggest furniture stores on record is over 640,000 square feet — that’s 11 whole football fields!

That means it’s hard to know where, or even how, to begin your search for a new piece of furniture with floors and floors of endless inventory to get through. Because of this, furniture shopping trips can be prolonged unnecessarily, simply from trying to navigate the layout of a store.

After browsing aimlessly for three hours, now you and your spouse are both overwhelmed, confused and not to mention hungry. And the worst part is that when you decide to run for the hills, there are no exits unless you’ve already walked the entire store. To put it simply: these types of stores can be disorienting. That means a fun day out with your spouse automatically turns into a headache. 

Solution: Wide Open Spaces

The good news is that you and your spouse’s furniture experience doesn’t have to cause any pain at all. Strive to find furniture stores that have an open layout with spacious showrooms that can all be found on one or two levels (instead of one hundred).

Because of the smaller and more spacious design, you’re able to actually see all of the inventory, test furniture and not get run over by shopping carts. Here at Jerome’s, you can speak to a representative and find exactly what you need with ease, as opposed to running around trying to scan tags on furniture or remembering exactly which color couch you wanted. 

Problem: Not Everyone Loves to DIY

The nightmare doesn’t just end at the store, once you actually have your furniture, you have to spend hours putting it together. Unless you're uber-crafty, DIY furniture never sounds like a good time, especially if you’re forced to do it with your spouse.

First, there’s the battle of who's going to read the often-times impossible instructions, and second, deciding who's going to actually assemble the furniture. And then there’s just a lot of yelling and arguing over whose fault it is that the end table is missing an entire leg or your coffee table is upside down with the screws showing.

Comedian Amy Poehler once joked that the names of certain stores actually stand for “argument.” Unfortunately, none of these stores' furniture comes already assembled for you, which means a fight with your spouse is probably inevitable. 

Solution: Hire Someone to DIFY (Do It For You)

We’ve already established that no one likes to build their own furniture, well maybe your brother Fred who still makes model airplanes. So why do it if you don’t have to? At Jerome’s, most of our items include assembly. Which means no more arguing over how to read the directions or blaming your spouse for losing a screw. In addition, your already assembled furniture is able to be shipped right to your door with same day delivery. This means you can spend less time trying to build your new dining room table and more time enjoying it. 

Stop wasting time inside — and outside — of the "build-a-bed" nightmare. Make the right choice, not only for your entire furniture-buying experience but also for your sanity. Your lawyer won't thank you, but your marriage will.