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Rooms that grow

We all know kids grow up, really fast. And they love to change up their rooms as they get older. Buy their furniture wisely and it won't need to be updated. Today they're playing with trucks and blocks, tomorrow they're playing in a band.  Choose bedroom sets with storage space and versatility and you won't have to swap out their furniture at the same pace that they grow!

This bedroom set is colorful and kid friendly. It won't quickly become outdated because it contains classic design elements make it easy to transition with your growing child. Solid construction and good bones give it the flexibility that will last from the toddler years until it's time to send him off to college.

A baseball style lamp and fun accents make great accessories your little boy will love. Wire baskets are great for storing toys and stuffed animals but switch those out and it's perfect for a growing young man.

Kids Bedroom Sets

The bright colored quilt will change to a more mature pattern, baseball themed wall art will change to posters of his favorite sports teams or a flat screen TV, but the furniture will stand the test of time.

Kathleen Bedroom Collection Blue

More classic furniture is combined with bright lively colors. A plush pink rug and a colorful tent canopy for playing or reading make this a whimsical room for your little girl. Colorful storage tubs house the growing collection of stuffed animals and frilly bedding is easily swapped out in the tween years. 

Cooperstown Bedroom Collection White

Sophisticated wall art, a neutral color rug, and some shelves for books and knick-knacks turn the fun little girl's room into a mature teen hang out. The stuffed animals are replaced by functional mini ottomans that can be used for seating when friends come over. 

Kids Bedroom Sets

These options work for kids of any age. Incorporate bold colors and patterns for an energetic backdrop. Personalize the walls, how about a full-size chalkboard for creative expression? Add a cozy canopy that is easy to remove when she transitions from a little girl into a young lady. Rugs, accessories, and accent pillows are also a great way to add color and personality. 

Parents may not always understand their children's tastes and preferences, but at least with these classically styled pieces of furniture, it's easy to change out colors and accessories while letting your child show their growing and changing unique tastes.