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Ready, Set, Guest List: 5 Ways to Get Ready for Guests This Holiday Season

Ah, home for the holidays. More specifically, your home. Whether you are hosting the annual holiday dinner this year or having guests stay over for a few days, you can make this season one for the books. Here is how you can get your home ready for holiday guests. 

The Welcome Wagon

It is practically inevitable. There will almost always be those few guests who arrive early, no matter what the invitation says. And whether or not you are hosting guests in the morning, noon, or night, it is your job as the host or hostess to give them a warm welcome — even if you are not entirely ready. Keep those always-early guests busy with coffee, tea, an assortment of fresh fruits, and pastry items. They will never know you weren’t ready for them. 

Have Your Guest Room Ready

Make your home a place your house guests will remember. They won’t be rating you on Airbnb, but that doesn’t mean you can’t provide a stellar and comfy stay. Think about all of the things you love about staying in a hotel room or posh rental. All of these places have comfy beds, and they are all stocked with fresh linens, sheets, plush towels, and pillows. You should do the same for your guests.

But it doesn’t end there. In addition to supplying the essentials, a good (no, great!) host will also make sure their guests have a plash to stash their clothes and their own bathroom, or at least one nearby. And, if you are expecting multiple people this holiday season (like Aunt Carol and all of your cousins), a convertible sleeper sofa and/or a daybed with a trundle will come in clutch 

Divine Dining

The holidays bring us together around the dinner table. Avoid a holiday disaster by checking your guest list (and checking it twice) for an accurate headcount of who will actually be coming over for Christmas Eve dinner or New Year’s Brunch. A standard dining table that seats four to six is the norm. But, you never know who will be bringing a plus one. 

dining table with a leaf, or an extender, can instantly make the table longer to accommodate the newbie. You can know you did your best to make them comfortable — whether or not Aunt Carol’s oversharing and made-for-TV life makes them uncomfortable is entirely out of your hands. 

Decor and Decluttering

Be the host with the most, not the host with the most stuff. Around the holidays, you need to tidy up if you want to stay organized. We're not here to assume the role of your mother, but you should probably clean up your place. A little decluttering can go along way. You can also hide decor items that could easily be bumped into and broken. It is smart to open up your guest seating areas by spreading out your furniture to give your houseguests more room to get comfortable. 

Entertaining 101

Anyone who entertains on the regular knows that some furniture items just stand up to wear and tear better than others. Choosing wood furniture, like maple or oak means your furniture won’t easily dent or nick. 

No matter how careful you are, spills and stains are bound to happen. Furniture pieces that are easy to wipe down, like microfiber and leather, are your best bet. And, a good host will always think of decorating with guests in mind, like sturdy comfy chairs and L-shaped sectionals for multiple seating options.

Earn That Five-Star Rating

The holidays bring people together. It just so happens that the holidays may bring people to your home. Don’t be a Grinch this year. Whether your house guests are visiting from around the block or around the globe, these tips can take the hassle out of the holiday season — that is until you need to tackle your Christmas list. Now, where is the eggnog? Here's an idea — tackle both issues at once by shopping Jerome's wide selection of living room furniture, dining room pieces, and other accessories.