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Practical Tips for Buying Furniture for Your Kids’ Bedrooms

As any parent can tell you, kids are not exactly low-cost members of the family. From their ability to outgrow a new pair of shoes in approximately two days — trust us, we’ve seen this happen with our own eyes — to needing school supplies, athletic gear for extracurriculars, toys, books, clothes and more, the smallest people in your home seem to require the most money to maintain.

Fortunately, with some smart shopping, buying furniture for your kids’ bedrooms does not have to be one of the spendy parts of parenthood. As the following tips will show you, it is possible to invest in classic pieces that will last for years, as well as furniture that plays double duty in other ways.

Transformers Are Not Just Toys: Invest in Transformer Pieces of Furniture

You might think that once your baby outgrows her crib, you’ll have to shell out money for a toddler bed and then again for a big girl twin bed. But there are actually transformer style pieces of furniture that will literally and figuratively grow with your kids. An example is a bed that can change from a crib to a twin bed; if you choose this type of furniture for your baby’s room, it will provide your little one with almost a decade of use before you need to replace it.

Buy Timeless Furnishings

Yes, it can be tempting to treat your Paw Patrol-obsessed preschooler to a nightstand decorated with all of the characters or a bookcase that features Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Tank Engine, or Peppa Pig motifs. But while your little one might seem like she will never abandon her love for all things Paw Patrol, this phase will eventually end, and you’ll be left with pricey furniture that she doesn’t want in her room anymore. 

A better option is to go with classic pieces like tables, bookshelves, desks, and nightstands that will grow with your kids. At Jerome’s, we sell a nice variety of classic pieces that will look equally at home in a preschooler’s room as a teenager’s space — for instance, the Cumberland White Writing Desk is a great place for coloring or doing homework, and its white finish will complement virtually any decor. 

Our selection of nightstands for kids will also look great in any room, and they are built to last for years. The Sandy Shore White Nightstand is made from solid mahogany with mahogany veneers and will hold sippy cups of water, goldfish crackers, and picture books all the way up to iced coffee drinks, earbuds, and smartphones.

Make Like Switzerland and Stay Neutral

Another way to keep the cost of kids’ furniture down is to avoid the “boys wear blue, girls wear pink” frame of mind when choosing furniture. Just as Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig will eventually no longer be part of your young kiddos’ lives, so will their tastes in colors and styles. 

Your firefighter-loving kindergartener may not want red walls and a fire-engine-shaped bed when he’s 12, and your girly girl second grader may be, like, totally into sports when she’s a tween and want nothing to do with sparkles and bling. Go with neutral tones and pieces as much as you can, and you’ll end up saving quite a bit of money.

Don’t Skimp on Storage

As we mentioned earlier, kids have lots and lots of stuff. And unless you give them plenty of places to put said stuff, they will leave it on the floor or piled on their beds and all over the house. To avoid this situation, and teach your kiddos to take great care of their various prized possessions by making sure their furnishings have plenty of storage. 

At Jerome’s, we have a think-outside-of-the-toy-box approach to storage, so we are proud to offer pieces like the Wrangler Natural Full Captains Storage Bed with lots of drawers underneath the mattress — how cool is that? You can use these drawers to store seasonal clothing, shoes or toys — we also like the drawers for extra blankets for cold nights. 

Other storage items for your kids’ rooms can include colorful bins made out of durable fabric or plastic, a toy chest, and large plastic buckets with rope handles — they are especially handy for holding large families of stuffed animals.

Gather Up the Little Ones and Come on In!

Another great way to buy furniture for your kids that will last for years is to involve them in the shopping process. Sit down with your kids, check out our selection of furniture made just for them on our website, and then head on over to check everything out in person. We are happy to help our youngest customers find timeless and sturdy pieces they will love to have in their rooms, and we suspect parents will also like us for our low prices, great selection, and outstanding customer service.