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Pile on the pillows

Throw pillows are an easy way to freshen up your space without breaking the bank on new home furnishings, paint, and accents. Toss in a few pillows to quickly and easily add your own touch. Texture, colors and patterns can all be introduced by adding a few seasonal accent pillows. Change the atmosphere of your bedroom, add pops of color to your living room or update a guest room to make visitors feel welcome. 

These neutral throw pillows add a finishing touch to the chili pepper red Arnold leather sofa giving it a cozy inviting feel. 

The mixed patterns and colorful accent pillows on the Aquarius sofa follow the 3-5 pillow rule. Aim for one to two pillows for a chair or loveseat and three to five for a sofa depending on the size and how you want it to look. The bold hues feature a mix of cool colors. Use caution when adding colorful pillows, keep the colors down to two or three and the patterns minimal.

If you have commitment issues, at least when it comes to choosing a color, accent pillows are your answer! No messy cans of permanent paint color needed, just a few minutes is all it takes to freshen up your home with bright colors and lively textures. It's like adding the perfect piece of jewelry to complete an outfit. These accent pillows and throw blanket are show stoppers on our Mirage sectional. The colors and patterns complement the neutral brown tones.

Geometric patterns continue to be on trend. Liven up your neutral walls and flooring with some playful patterns and colors. Don't be afraid to mix patterns, colors and sizes. Even a small pillow can make a big statement.

The same rule applies to the bedroom. Three to five pillows along with your bed pillows is enough to add color, texture and layers without going overboard.

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