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Mattress Matters

House Brand OR Name Brand? If everything is equal, most people choose to go with a generic. There's nothing house brand about the Jerome's Private Label Collection, except for the price. Jerry has been designing our own mattresses that are made right here in Southern California for years. Why pay more for less? We break it down for you here. Don't be misled. Learn the facts from a Jerome's Certified Sleep Specialist today and sleep well tonight with more money in your wallet.

Apples to apples? Even though they may look alike, mattresses are full of quantifiable pieces and parts. These are easily comparable once you know the right questions to ask. A Jerome's Certified Sleep Specialist can help educate you so that you know what to ask and more importantly what to buy.

Type of Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses use coil springs for support with various types of upholstery on top to enhance the comfort level.

Memory foam mattresses are distinguished by a delayed, form-fitting responsiveness that creates the sensation of "melting" into bed while it slowly forms itself to the shape of your body.

Latex mattresses offer support and durability comparable to that of memory foam, but offer a faster recovery time, making them less "hot" and easier to change positions.

Choosing the perfect mattress - Follow these easy steps to find the right mattress for your personal sleeping style. 

  1. Know the types of mattresses and your preference Mattress types include: Innerspring, Memory Foam (variations of this are known as open cell, Visco foam or Tempur material), latex, air, and waterbeds.
  2. Shop without the crowds The best time to shop is on weekdays and evenings when stores are less busy. You want a sales associate's undivided attentions for at least 20 minutes.
  3. Test drive the options Ask to see a very firm, medium firm and soft mattress. Lie down in your favorite sleep position with a pillow, if you use one. Pick the most comfortable one and ask to see ones with similar support.
  4. Process of elimination Limit your final choice to three mattresses by comparing them to one another. Rank them in order of the comfort they give you.
  5. Only now should you check prices
  6. Make your choice Spend a few more minutes to make your final selection. You are ready to make a good purchase.

Comparing your choices after you know what you like 

Jerome's, Jerome's Signature and Jerome's Signature-Pedic mattress lines are the culmination of over 30 years of mattress design experience. They offer an unparalleled value on innerspring, gel latex and memory foam mattresses. Think generic aspirin vs. Bayer™. You save a lot of money when you don't choose the expensive label. Why would you pay more to get less? Everyday American's save millions with generics. It's the same with mattresses. Come into any of our Southern California showrooms and compare our brand to the national brands. You'll sleep better knowing you saved.