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Sofas for Your Decorating Style

What's your style? Sometimes, it can be hard to pinpoint. Most of us define our decorating styles with a catch-all term like eclectic or transitional, but that's often because we don't know the proper terms for defining our exact styles. 

The same is true of sofas. Whether you love the rustic and homey appeal of the farmhouse style or you're a fan of the clean lines and nostalgic flair found in mid-century design, there is a sofa style just right for you and your unique home, and we're here to help you find it.

The Chesterfield

This traditional style of sofa is typically made of leather. Its unique and timeless style can be traced back to the 1600s when a British trendsetter of the time, Lord Philip Stanhope, first commissioned the piece to be made. The construction of the Chesterfield style sofa features deep-button tufting and rolled arms which make for distinct and instantly recognizable characteristics. Today, the Chesterfield’s timeless appeal is suitable for both transitional and traditionally styled living spaces.

The Lawson

This fashionable style of sofa was first commissioned by American businessman Thomas Lawson near the turn of the 20th century. Lawson was in search of a simpler, more comfortable sofa rather than the ornate and complicated Victorian styles that were all the rage during that time period. 

The Lawson sofa features straight lines, three back cushions, and usually has rolled or square arms that are slightly lower than its back. Lawson sofas with straight legs make for a more modern look and are well-suited for contemporary homes. Other styles of Lawson sofas that feature tailored or ruffled skirts work well in traditional living spaces or farmhouse-style homes with a little rustic flair. Overall, the Lawson sofa is a great fit for living spaces decorated in a transitional style.

The Mid-Century Modern

This design of sofa is strongly influenced by the pared-down styles of the 1940s through the late 1960s that valued less instead of more. Mid-century modern furniture pieces are defined by their smooth surfaces, minimalistic lines, sculptural forms, and exposed legs. 

These mid-century style sofas are often best for homes styled with modern decor that heavily emphasize natural materials including wood, stone and brick, retro paint colors, high ceilings and open concepts, and large windows that let in ample natural light to the living areas of the home.

The Sectional

This popular style of sofa is a sizeable alternative to other sofa styles. Sectional sofas are a great option for large families or hosts who often entertain large groups at home. These versatile pieces are not just for large rooms; they can actually work quite well in smaller spaces, especially when positioned in a corner. Sectional sofas can also be used to break up an open floor plan. 

There are lots of varieties to choose from, including L-shape (which can be purchased in right-arm facing or left-arm facing to suit your own floor plan), chaise, curved, U-shape, modular/multi-piece sectionals, and functional sleeper styles. These types of sofas are a great fit for homes styled in a casual, modern, or even transitional way.

Find Your Perfect Sofa at Jerome's

No matter what your favorite interior design trend or style may be, you can rest easy knowing there is a perfect sofa out there to match. From comfy sectional sofas for large families to stylish leather Chesterfield styles, you can find your new favorite sofa for your living space at Jerome’s Furniture.

Visit one of our various Jerome’s Furniture locations around the Southern California region to shop our vast selection of sofas. Our trained staff can help you choose a sofa that fits your lifestyle, design preferences, and budget. Or browse our selection of sofas from the comfort of your home by visiting our online shop.