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How to Use Lamps to Brighten Your Home Decor Style

Lamps have a magical quality: they can transform the look and feel of a room with just a flick of a switch. They may not be the biggest piece of furniture in a space, but they should definitely still be a consideration when decorating.

It's probably not an option to break apart your home and DIY rewire your lighting. But it's much, much easier to get some chic lamps that can instantly enhance your space with some strategic placement. 

Let's dive into how lamps can help your decor, popular lamp styles and how to use them, and tips for getting the most out of the lamps you have.

3 Reasons Why Lamps Are Awesome 

Know how subtle lighting in a fine-dining restaurant gives you all the romantic feels? The lighting in your home can have powerful effects, too. 

The right lamps can:

  1. Set a mood: When you turn off overhead lighting and let the soft glow from lamps dictate the tone, your space becomes more relaxing.
  2. Highlight wall art or accent pieces: Don't let your travel trinkets or great taste in art get lost in the background. A lamp can spotlight your treasures in all the right ways.
  3. Add light to dark corners: Sometimes the light that's built in to your home just doesn't illuminate your space the way you want it to. A beautiful lamp fixes that in a snap.

Lamps can be used in the living room, in the bedroom, in your home office — basically, wherever you want the option for more light. With tons of lamp styles to choose from, you can find a lamp (or two) that complements each space and fits your lifestyle.

Which Lamp Is Love-Worthy? 5 Popular Lamp Styles

When you walk into the lamp section of a furniture store, it can be easy to get distracted by all the bright lights — literally. You want your lamp to be both eye-catching and functional for what you'll be using it for. Here are five lamp styles to be aware of.


A torchier floor lamp looks like its name implies — sort of like a torch, with an upright shape. This type of lamp is stellar at casting vertical light to create interest on walls and the ceiling. And if you score a model with a gooseneck, you could also use it for reading, doing crossword puzzles, or whatever you're into.

Club Lamp 

Club lamps are floor lamps on a long pole that are designed for area lighting. This all-purpose type of lamp can fit nearly every type of home decor. Look for unique accents in the stand, or choose a lampshade color that complements other hues in the area it'll be placed in.


If you're thinking it, you're probably right: a buffet lamp can be used to illuminate food on a table. But that's not all! These tall, slender tabletop lamps are also great for spots like end tables and dressers to highlight accessories and accent items. Look for quirky stands that show off your design style.

Arc Lamp

Did you know that completing tasks in dim light can tire out your eyes? Arc lamps to the rescue! These floor lamps have a long, slender arched neck and shine a light on whatever you need to look at since they're adjustable for custom height and reach. Maybe they can even help you put off reading glasses for a few more years.

Tree Lamp

No, we're not talking a lamp made out of wood. Tree lamps are floor lamps with multiple lights branching off. Each light can be positioned in a different direction to strategically highlight areas of a room. You won't be chucking this in your fireplace any time soon.

Lighting Tips

According to light design experts, the key to making lighting a decor enhancement is to layer it. Go for variety. Use different lamp styles of different heights to add interest and depth and keep eyes marveling at how cool your lighting looks.

If you want to make bare walls beautiful, use lamps to accent and add interest to vertical spaces. The right kind of lighting effect could look as stunning as a piece of wall art. 

Maximize the functionality of your lamps by plugging them into a dimmer. That way, you get more control over the exact illumination you want. Brighten up a space when you have people over, or turn the lights down low for a cozy night in.

Light Up Your Life with Lamps

With so many different types of lamps to choose from, you can get diverse light sources for all parts of your home. Lamps become a focal point of decor while also being utterly useful.

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