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How to Do Modern Minimalist Design With a Warm Twist

Many people gravitate towards the clean, open spaces of a modern minimalist style, but never attempt it because they fear it will be cold and uncomfortable to live in. If you’ve been thinking about jumping on the mod-min bandwagon but are afraid it won’t feel like home, instead of abandoning the look you love, why not warm it up? Try out a modern minimalist style with a twist by starting out with the classic mod-min elements, adding organic touches, and finishing it with warm, bold accents.

The Essential Elements of Modern Minimalist Style

Before you break the rules, you need to know what the rules are. If modern minimalist style had a tagline, it would be “less is more.” Mod-min rooms are edited to create open, clean, calm spaces. Whether you’re talking architecture or decor, there are a few common characteristics of modern minimalist design:

  1. The keyword in mod-min design is simplicity, in both form and function. Everything in a room has a purpose, from furniture to decor. Furniture and details, like trim work or cabinet hardware, all have clean lines and are not overly ornate.
  2. The surfaces in modern minimalist design are sleek and smooth. You want your eye to travel over surfaces to create a sense of calm and open space.
  3. Mod-min rooms feel open and filled with light. Light is created through neutral colored walls, unadorned windows, wide sight lines, and an uncluttered aesthetic.

Go Organic

You don’t have to create clutter to add warmth to your modern minimalist space. Juxtapose the controlled, refined lines and surfaces of modern minimalistic style with natural textures and accents. Try adding organic elements that won’t fight the mod-min look, but instead will breathe life into your space.

To bring the natural world into your space, start with plants that have interesting shapes and textures, like snake plants or cacti potted in simple, beautiful planters. Use found objects like reclaimed wood, stone, and natural fabric as organic accents. Again, you don’t want to choose anything too ornate, but adding natural elements like a wood and chrome table lamp or a geometric wood side table will instantly warm a room. 

Swap out a few pieces of your cool mod-min furniture, like your metal and glass dining table or sleek-but-uncomfortable accent chair, for something more traditional or rustic that has organic lines, color, and texture.

Shake Up Your Palette

Many modern minimalist spaces are white-on-white, possibly with a touch of ecru thrown in for a pop of color. And while a light pallet certainly creates a sense of calm and clean, it doesn’t necessarily feel inviting. To give your mod-min room some vibrancy, add spots of brilliant color.

It’s true — you can keep the modern minimalist vibe and still have color in your life! Don’t go overboard, but also don’t be scared of color. Instead of painting your walls a bright red, keep your ecru and use accent items like rugs, throw pillows, and wall hangings in warm, bold colors. When applied judiciously, a splash of color can take a room from cold to cozy.

Embracing Modern Minimalist Style With a Twist

Modern minimalist design is striking, but many people think that to get that simple, sleek style, they have to sacrifice livability for aesthetics. Fortunately, you know that’s not true! Start with the basic design elements- simplicity, sleek lines, and light, and then incorporate organic elements and pops of color. After all, design rules are made to be broken, so to get the mod-min design you love, in a home you actually love to live in, add a few twists and make it your own.

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