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How to Choose The Right Dining Set for Your Living Space

Hey, you! Get off the couch. No seriously, stop eating every meal on your sofa. It’s time to upgrade your dining room. And whether you’re on a budget, strapped for space, or just don’t know where to start, our helpful buying guide can send you in the right direction. 

Get Measurin’

Dust off your ol' tape measure. Obviously, your new dining set has to fit in your dining room. So, put your tape measure to work and get the specs of the space before you make a trip to the furniture store. Interior design experts suggest allowing for three feet of “breathing room” on all sides of the table. This way, people can move around in their chairs without feeling, uh, awkward. 

Find your ideal dining room set size by measuring the length and width of the space where you plan to put your table and chairs. Next, subtract about six feet from those two measurements. And with a little calculation, you will have a good idea of how big your dining table should be. If you’re feeling extra cautious, you can always take your specs and measuring tape into the furniture store and get the measurements of the dining set in person, just to make sure it will fit. 

Shape Up

You probably don’t have a crystal ball. And without one, you can’t exactly look into the future and see what a new dining set will look like in your home. But what you can do is pick a shape that will look great in your space. Keep in mind that round-shaped tables are ideal for small rooms and can keep a space from appearing too crowded. When it comes to larger dining rooms, rectangular and square shapes usually check all the boxes. 

Hide and Seek

How do you become the hostess with the mostest? It’s not easy to earn that elusive title. And it requires more than throwing some chips in a bowl and hanging out watching Netflix. To throw a killer dinner party or epic cocktail hour, you’ve got to have a special something, a knack for entertaining, and a dining set that can accommodate all, or at least most, of your guests. 

A dining table that has a hidden leaf is the perfect solution for when your bestie brings over her latest, uninvited fling. And, with this style of table, you don’t have to commit to a larger table. It’s a win-win. 

Instead of One-Size, Personalize

So you found a table that you love. Great. But you’re not so crazy about the chairs, huh? Don’t panic. Taking home the table without the matching chairs is just fine. Think about it like this: buying chairs later gives you the chance to mix colors or styles in a way that is more true to your own unique design aesthetic. So, if you want to match mid-century dining chairs at the heads of the table with upholstered benches on the sides, go for it! After all, mixing and matching furniture adds unique textures and depth to your living space. 

Quality Over Cost

The big box retailer might be offering what appears to be a stylish contemporary dining set for a price that looks too good to be true. Guess what — it probably is too good to be true. If you find a table with a super low price, there’s a good chance it's constructed with cheap materials and fastened with staples and glue. Don’t pinch pennies when it comes to buying a new dining set. When searching for a new dining set, consider heirloom quality pieces. Solid hardwood furniture made from popular and long-lasting wood materials such as maple, oak, or walnut is your best bet.

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