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Holiday Furniture Ideas to Make Your Living Room Ultra-Cozy

Ah, the holidays. A time for eating way too much food, gathering with family and taking some much-needed time off work. 

You probably also have shopping lists a mile long and way too much crammed into your calendar. One way to ease some stress from this oh-so-magical time of year? Deck out your home in cozy, curl-up-worthy furniture your family and guests will love. When your home says “holidays,” at least that's one area where you can breathe a sigh of relief.

When sprucing up your abode for holiday time, the living room takes center stage. It's the spot those in your home gravitate toward since it has enough room for the whole gang to gather in. Whatever you do in your living room — binge-watch movies, play board games or nosh on yet another cookie — make sure that your living room furniture set makes a warm and welcoming statement to those who enter.

Spread Your Legs Out 

Large sectional sofas are a must-have for any Southern California living room. Kids, adults and pets needs a cushy place to sprawl out and sink into when they're taking a nap from the holiday feast, are watching a basketball game or are snuggling up with a loved one. Shop soft fabric sofas in San Diego in a gorgeous blue color like the Belair to bring a cool wintry feel indoors.

Get Mesmerized by Fire

Who cares if you live in sunny Southern California? Fireplaces are what holidays are made of! Turn the heater off and enjoy an eco-friendly electric fireplace like the Beale, which is fitted in a multi-purpose TV console. The burning embers add instant holiday-worthy credibility and make your living room more romantic any time of year.

A Day to Go Horizontal

Go on and kick your feet up — you deserve it this holiday season! Recliners are a must-have if you're in a room with a TV. Besides, no one can sit up straight when they're full of yummy holiday food, anyway. Put the power of high-end reclining in your living room with a piece like the Emma power reclining loveseat with adjustable headrests. Lay back, relax and enjoy anything you want — including staring at that electric fireplace.

Show Off to Your Friends

If you have guests in your home, you're going to want to show off what makes you and your family oh-so-fabulous. Affordable entertainment centers like the Hacienda have plenty of room to display what makes you so cool — like books, photo frames, sculptures and a mini-globe. When you add a sleek TV in the center, no one will have a chance to take their eyes off your eclectic style.

Make Your Furniture Functional 

When you're the type to invite over the whole gang, third cousins and all, you'll want to make the most out of how you can use your furniture. Sturdy ottomans are where it's at. They serve purposes ranging from holder of feet to table for snacks to impromptu playing card session arena. One like the Trinton pewter storage ottoman even has plenty of room to store things inside it, so you can stash those surprise secret Santa gifts in it or chuck in some throw pillows and blankets.

If you're really big on bingeing your yearly holiday movie marathon, don't forget to consider reclining theatre seating which comes with water-proof cupholders, USB ports and a small built-in tray that is perfect for the new iPad that Santa just brought you.

Rock Out with Your Holiday Spirit Out 

Rocking chairs aren't just for Grandma's house. They bring a hipster, vintage feel into any home and are optimal picture-taking seats. Have someone playing Santa at your home? There's a chair for that. Or, use one as a fun seat little ones can hop on when they're bored with the toys they just opened. The Santa Fe rustic accent chair will do the trick.

Give Guests a Space to Crash

It's bound to happen: One of your guests has a little too much eggnog, and they need a place to spend the night. No worries when your sofa is also a bed! No one will know a piece like the chic Everton charcoal full sleeper sofa and mattress is ready to become a full-sized bed at any moment. If you use it as a space for out-of-town visitors to crash, they might even be extra-careful with their food and drinks when they're sitting on your couch.

Make Your Living Room a Wonderland for the Holidays 

The living room is the ultimate get-together space. This holiday season, get furniture that is a dream to sit on, sleep on or enjoy looking at. Your guests will feel right at home, and you can pat yourself on the back for being a great host. Shop living room furniture at Jerome's today!