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5 Pieces of Furniture Absolutely Worth Splurging On

At a certain point in all of our lives, we all outgrow the big box stores that sell those build-it-yourself particle board furniture pieces. Whether you are decorating your first apartment or building your home, there are five pieces of furniture everyone should absolutely splurge on.

1. A Classic, Comfy Sofa

Bye-bye dingy dorm room futon. Hello, classic and timeless sofa. You have learned a lot since your time in college. And now it is time to say sayonara to your lumpy old futon — pizza grease stains and all. Goodbyes are never easy, and yeah, letting go of all those memories from your college days can be tough, but a new timeless sofa in your living room will provide you with a comfortable place to entertain friends and family. And seriously, we are talking about a futon, people. Not your best friend. 

2. A Solid Dining Room Set With Chairs

There is no guide to adulting. And frankly, life would be a lot easier if there was some sort of user manual. But we all pretend like we know what we're doing by doing adult things, like hosting dinner parties. No, we are not talking take-out from up the street and cheap boxed wine. We are talking about real-deal dinner parties. The type of dinner parties that require a dining room set and chairs. Because, we are adults now. And that is what adults do. We think … 

3. A Bed and Bedroom Set to Last a Lifetime

Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? And yesterday morning? And the morning before that, too? We aren't sleep scientists, but if you are not sleeping well on a regular basis, it might be time to upgrade your bed. A good mattress is an absolute must. So splurge on that queen-size bed and bedroom furniture set you have been dreaming of. You spend one-third of your day in bed, so it may as well be comfortable, right? 

And if you need more convincing on why you should seriously consider breaking up with your old mattress, read this. When it comes to choose the mattress that's right for you, our mattress specialists can help "fit" you for a mattress to make the process a breeze.

4. A Coffee Table With Convenient Storage

Listen, nobody likes clutter. But it is inevitable. Not all of us have the extra funds to hire a housekeeper. So when you are in a hurry to clean up your place (like those times when your parents unexpectedly come to town), make sure you have furniture that works hard at covering up messes. Smart furniture designers have created and designed stylish and long-lasting pieces like coffee tables with built-in storage that hide clutter and store your cozy blankets and throw pillows until it's time to binge the next Netflix original series. Your life (and living room) will look put together when your relatives show up — even if it really isn’t. 

5. A Loveseat to Fall in Love With

If you are lucky enough to have even a little extra space in the living room of your studio, apartment, or your house, you might want to fill it with seating for your guests. Only so many people can fit on your sofa. And if you don’t want to be rubbing arms with that one guy your bestie met from Bumble, make sure that everyone, including yourself, has a comfortable place to sit. Opt for a loveseat or chair-and-a-half that complements the style of your sofa. It will be a great addition for when your living room fills up with houseguests. And, as a bonus, it will pull your entire living room together — win!

Splurge 'til Your Home's Content

In life, there are certain things you should invest in, and these five essential furniture pieces are some of them. Get everything you need to make your house a home when you browse the living room furniture, bedroom accessories, and other pieces we have to offer.