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Easy Home Decor Tips to Transition into Winter

Decorating your home for the winter is all about cozy touches that exude warmth and comfort amid cooling temperatures. The season starts just a few days before Christmas, so even when you're putting away those holiday decorations, there are still plenty of ways to keep the winter spirit going for the months to come.  

Here are some of our favorite ways to winter-fy a home and make it so snuggly, you can channel your inner hibernator and enjoy time indoors.

Blankets, Blankets Everywhere

They cover up our feet, they feel luxurious to be wrapped up in, and they're the perfect makeshift bed for our furry friends. Blankets are essential winter decor items to have all around your home in winter on beds, on couches, on chairs, outside for patio time, and just about anywhere else you might want to get cozy — yes, even your home office could benefit from a cushy blankie or two. 

For oh-so-touchable softness, might we suggest the:    

If you're like us and go a little blanket-crazy in the winter (and who blames you?), use a storage bench to house all your winter-time blankets.

Embrace Your Winter Wild Side

OK, so maybe you don't live near a winter wonderland forest, but you can still bring in winter touches from nature through your decor. We're thinking polar bears and snow-covered forest creatures you can pretend you're petting whenever you lay your paws on one of these luxurious pillows.

These textured throw pillows add a richness to winter decorating and natural warmth since they look just as furry as wintry animals you'd find outside.

Descend Into Velvet

Velvet is a classic winter material, often found on party dresses and in gift bows. The richness velvet emanates makes it prime for winter days and nights. You can sink into velvet and instantly feel luxurious wherever you see it. Here are some chic velvet pieces to check out.

  • The Belair blue sofa has a touchable polyester velvet fabric and a stunning winter-blue color that works year-round.
  • Add some velvet pillows anywhere you want to add an instant touch of sophistication.    
  • velvet armless chair like the Bella is stately yet comfortable, an ideal seat to welcome in winter.

Velvet doesn't just feel heavenly to touch. Its notice-me texture makes any furniture in velvet instantly eye-catching, which is sure to impress guests all winter long.

Mesmerize With a Fireplace

fireplace is a great piece to add for the winter. When you get one that's electric, you can also skip all the home renovation and still get those captivating embers burning indoors. 

Pieces like the Beale espresso 72” console with fireplace and Bowery grey TV console with fireplace pull double duty, allowing you to use them as TV stands or storage space, too. Even if you don't need the warmth, fire is an element that adds a beautiful winter decor touch and makes any space feel a little homier for the season.

It's Easy to Winterize Your Home at Jerome's

Winter touches are simple to incorporate in your everyday decor. With furniture storage pieces that have multiple functions, like a storage bench that's also great for seating, you can use winter pieces all year-round. 

Don't forget soft blankets, touchable throw pillows, velvet furniture, and a fireplace to complete your winter-ready abode. Shop our selection of accessories today to make your home so comfy and cozy, you can get through any type of weather winter throws at you this season.