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5 Christmas Decor Tips Guaranteed to Be Classy (Not Cheesy)

These days, classy Christmas decor doesn't need to scream Christmas. Your decorations can be timeless and fun without being "on-trend" or "in." So pack up your boxes of holly and pine and check out these decor tips guaranteed to put the class back in classy.

1. Focus on the Season, Not the Holiday

Instead of focusing on a single holiday, find decor that encompasses the entire winter season, meaning enough with the plain red and green already! Think cool, bright pallets with touches of bold color for warmth and contrast. Opt for accents like candles and plushy textiles to create an aura of coziness your family and friends will never want to escape. Got 'em! 

Now, get 'em even better with a gorgeous TV stand fireplace, which adds a touch of warmth and creates a festive, joyful ambiance that will resonate throughout your home this season.

2. Make Elegant Use of Red, White, and Green

Be creative and use alternatives to holly and pine — they're so tired. Liven up your holiday decor with red and white roses in both your accents and your centerpiece. Think about incorporating ferns and decorative mosses in spaces where you'd typically put pine (because pine is so last year). This gives your guests a breath of fresh air from the traditional, cheesy decor they're used to seeing around this time of year. Be the bigger decorator! 

3. Embrace Minimalism

Minimalism is huge these days, and people use it to stand out among the clutter. Minimalist decor can help transform your living space from drab to fab. Hanging a simple pine wreath on the door might be all you need to tackle this trend. Try using isolated ornaments as focal points of tabletop centerpieces and over the mantel. They'll add a dash of elegance to a boring, otherwise-outdated Christmas decor staple. 

Embrace a more bare style of Christmas tree decor by stringing one or two strands of lights without ornaments to allow the natural beauty of the tree to truly shine. Consider using geometric gold ornaments or going vintage by styling up your favorite antique pieces with a splash of color.

4. Experiment With Silver and Gold

Silver and gold are great for spicing up your seasonal style. No one wants an explosion of red and green everywhere, so take that old chestnut of an idea back to the 20th century where it belongs. That's not to say you should completely avoid using red and green, but keep it to a minimum. Silver and gold accents like a silver vase here or a gold candleholder there can help your chic factor tremendously. 

Skip the reindeer stockings and go for a bold gold or a subtle silver to break from tradition and set the tone for an amazing holiday season. Elle Décor recommends dressing up your dinner table with wood chargers, silver candleholders, garland, golden flatware, and a cinnamon stick.

5. Consider Going Rustic

Got a love of the great outdoors? Consider adding a rustic touch to your decor by hanging fresh evergreen boughs, using an iron and wood serving tray, or stringing some acorns up to spice up a boring wall. But don't go overboard. No one wants to feel like they're spending the holidays in a woodsy winter wonderland. Keep it simple, chic, and modern.

Class Up Your Christmas Once and for All

Now that you know what not to do for the holiday season, think about what you want to do. Are you more of a minimalist, keeping it simple and sweet? Or are you all about color-popping palettes? Maybe a little bit of both? Either way, the tips above can help you create holiday decor your guests will rave about this holiday season and for years to come. So get off your fanny and get started shopping for a range of accent pieces, decorations, and props to complete your holiday season.