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Buying Guide for a Holiday-Ready Living Room

Ready or not, the holidays are on the way, as well as a number of guests. Whether you are hosting a Christmas Eve game night for 12 or a Hanukkah dinner for five, your old sofas and chairs just might not be sufficient.

Over time, your couches and easy chairs experience wear and tear. Purchasing high-quality and comfortable sofas and chairs is more than a necessity — it’s an investment that everyone who sits on them will feel for years to come.

If you are ready to spring for some new living room furniture, this buying guide can give you some welcome pointers.

Aged Cheese and Wine Are Good — Aged Sofas, Not So Much

You have watched hundreds of TV shows and movies on your beloved couch and cheered on your favorite sports teams from your easy chair. But if you have noticed that the cushions are worn out and flat and you are sinking into the seats, it may be time to donate the old and welcome the new. The “bones” of the couches, chairs, and recliners can become loose and weaken, meaning they can not only be uncomfortable, but dangerous to you and your guests.

Buying for the Space You Need to Welcome Guests

Of course, not all homes are the same size, and not all holiday gatherings involve tons of guests. If you are the proud owner of a classic bachelor pad and are going to host a few of your close buddies for Christmas NBA games and snacks, you can’t go wrong with looking to buy a genuine leather sofa.

For example, our Challenger power reclining sectional features a center console that is ideal for chips and dip. Another great option is the Terraso Chair, which is made from real leather, looks amazing, and is incredibly comfortable. Leather lasts about four times longer than fabric, it provides a timeless look, and spills are easy to clean.

If you are hosting your siblings, nieces, and nephews for the holidays, you will probably have little ones snacking on cookies and juice on your chairs. Make sure any new seating you buy is life-resistant — for instance, our Harper Sectional has plenty of space for guests big and small, and it is upholstered in a durable and easy-to-clean brown chenille fabric.

If you have a smaller pad or want to add an accent chair or two to your living room, you can’t go wrong with the Wynwood Swivel Chair; with its herringbone-detailed fabric and oversized frame, it looks like an easy chair but will swivel to face your guests or the TV. Its stylish look provides a classic feel to your holiday décor, and if you have gamers in the house, it’s perfect for an afternoon of video games.

You might also want to be ready for those unexpected guests who show up on the arm of Cousin Steve or Aunt Stella. Instead of scrambling to find a folding chair in the garage for your extra guests, consider the Carson 2 Granite Chair — it can easily sit one or two people and offers additional seating while looking great in any room.

For your older guests, anyone who appreciates some extra comfort, and anyone who needs assistance getting up, we also sell extra-wide chairs, lay-flat recliners (they can double as a guest bed if need be), and wall-hugging couches, rockers, and lift chairs that will give grandma and grandpa a needed boost.

Keep in Mind: Family Trends

Of course, you are not going to merely sit in your chairs and on your couches and stare at each other — at least we hope not! You and your guests will be busy enjoying a variety of holiday activities. When shopping for new furniture for your living room, you might want to keep some of these family traditions in mind to be sure you are selecting the most guest-friendly options.

For instance, if you come from a long line of proud post-meal nappers, the Triumph Triple Recliner in Chocolate can accommodate up to three snoozers at once with three comfy reclining seats. 

Whether you are planning on watching a Christmas parade, football or basketball game, or “It’s a Wonderful Life,” you might want to shop for a new cocktail or lift coffee table to hold everyone's popcorn, snacks, or leftover turkey sandwiches. As a side note, great places to set down your platters of goodies are a set of affordable chair side tables — this way, you won’t have to use up valuable chair space for peoples’ food and drinks.

Finally, if your rugs are looking as threadbare as your furniture, consider investing in a few area rugs for your living room. Kids will stay warm playing games on the floor, pets will enjoy sleeping on them near the fireplace, and you can take the rugs outside and give them a good shake when the guests leave to remove the cookie crumbs.

Enjoy Your Holidays With Your Newly Updated Living Room

At Jerome’s, we know how hectic the holidays can be. This is why we are devoted to offering beautiful, comfortable, and affordable living room furniture that will help you be the best host possible as well as provide you with a comfortable place to relax all year long. Come on in before the guests arrive — we will be happy to help you.