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Are Sectional Couches Right for Your House?

The living room is a gathering space, a spot where your home's inhabitants or guests can get together and converse without having to be separated in different rooms. With sectional sofas for small rooms and large rooms, the array of diverse groups that can get together and sit down comfortably is limitless. From a big ol' family with lots of kiddos, to a group of roomies living together in the city, to a bachelor with a small apartment who loves to host — a sectional fits lots of different needs with ample seating for all types of spaces.

Sectional couches San Diego consist of two or more pieces that can be configured in different ways to fit the shape of a room and the needs of the homeowner. They can usually seat around four to nine people, depending on the size of the piece. If you're considering a sectional and are searching for “couch stores near me,” let Jerome's Furniture break down whether or not sectionals are a good fit for your home.

First, Consider the Size of Your Pad

Sectional sofas are larger than your average couch, but they can actually benefit those with limited space. When you buy a couch and a couple of chairs or an ottoman to seat several people, that takes up more space (and can be more expensive) than buying a sectional that fits with what you're working with. Not only are extra furniture pieces bulkier, but the negative space between each piece can add up quickly.

Sectionals come in a multitude of arrangements, ranging from two-piece sets to seven-piece sets that can be configured in a variety of ways. Pieces may include a sofa, ottomans, and chaises that combine to create a large, comfortable seating area.

To determine what type of furniture is right for your space, measure the dimensions of the room and think about how many people you'd want to accommodate. You may find that several separate furniture pieces would take up more space than you have, but a sectional fits perfectly.

Right-arm Facing, Left-arm Facing, and Other Configurations

Because sectionals can come in so many setups, it helps to know your options to envision how they might work in your space. Here's a primer.

Right-arm Facing

A right-arm facing sectional means when you're facing the furniture, the armrest is on the right. The side of the armrest is important because it will determine how the other pieces are balanced and how the sectional fits in the room.

Left-arm Facing

You guessed it — with this setup, the armrest is on the left. If you want an L-shaped sectional, which has one side that's longer than the other, you could pair a right-arm facing piece with a left-arm facing piece. That way, each end of the sectional has an armrest.


A chaise is a long sectional piece that usually has an arm on either side. Pairing a love seat with a chaise can be a good combo if your sectional is being used in a room for watching TV. 

Armless and Corner Pieces

Armless pieces are usually placed in between pieces with arms. Corner pieces are also armless and are used to, yep, form the corner of a sectional when paired with other pieces. A corner piece could be put between two pieces or next to one other piece.

U-shape Sectional

A U-shape sectional usually has two corner pieces that help the sectional form a U shape. This type of configuration is ideal if you want lots of room for guests to converse.

Sectionals aren't limited to rigid lines. There are sectional options that feature curved corners or curvy furniture throughout the piece. 

You can also add pieces like recliners, sleepers, consoles, and modular pieces that allow you to create the custom sectional you want. Fabric and cushion style are also factors to consider when sectional shopping.

Get Custom Help for Your Space

A sectional can be one of the most cherished, used, and versatile pieces of furniture in your home. No matter how big your space is, a sectional can transform it into one with lots of seating options the whole gang can enjoy. The furniture experts at Jerome's Furniture are here to help you with the right option for your unique space. 

We've got everything from budget-friendly sectional choices to luxurious, high-end selections. Check out sectional sofas for small rooms and large spaces. Visit us online to find Jerome's Furniture “couch stores near me.”