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8 Tips for Designing Your Bedroom For Better Sleep

A good night's sleep can be a fleeting experience, but designing a bedroom to be an oasis is the perfect remedy to foster your journey to dreamland. Consider a few of these simple bedroom changes to optimize the quality of your sleep so you wake up rested, refreshed, and ready to take on your day. 

Buy the Right Mattress

If you're looking for one place to splurge in the bedroom, it would be on a good mattress. That doesn't necessarily mean the most expensive mattress, but you should be able to lay back and feel comfortable and supported. 

For some people, that means the firm Rejuvenate 2 Firm mattress. If you're a fan of something softer, consider the plush Revitalize II Pillow Top mattress

Whatever your preference, when you are selecting a mattress, it's important you have a professional sleep expert perform a mattress fitting to ensure you're getting the right firmness to meet your needs and comfort. 

Keep Furnishing Sparse

Ideally, your bedroom should be devoid of clutter and have only what you need for a restful night's sleep

If possible, try to have your bedroom set as the only furnishings, and keep those surfaces as clear as possible. A nightstand, such as the Retreat Nightstand, with a lamp and a book you might be reading as you drift off is okay, but try to keep work out of your space so you can keep your mind quiet.

One of our favorite bedroom sets is the Haven Bedroom Set, which features an inviting rustic finish and details. The warm wood tones create a natural inviting feel that exudes warmth and comfort. 

Remove Sleep-stealing Devices

Just like your furnishings should be kept sparse, so should all your devices. Many devices, such as your phones, laptops, and tablets, emit a blue light that can stimulate your optic nerves and keep you awake instead of helping you drift into dreamland.

Insulate Your Room From Sound

Sound absorption is important, especially if you're a light sleeper, as noise pollution is never good for creating a quiet space to catch some Zs. If you're worried about how sound travels, you'll want to look at ways to absorb the sound.

One of the easiest is wall-to-wall carpet. It's less invasive than acoustic panels and can be just as classy. Plus, with a variety of colors available, carpet lets you find something that fits your style. 

Minimize Light Pollution

Light may be key in other areas of your home, but in the bedroom, you should keep light sparse. In fact, total darkness is actually preferable since light disrupts your natural sleep cycle. 

Invest in light-blocking curtains or shades to keep out morning sun, and make sure your lamps and overhead lights emit warm hues. 

Use a Soothing Color Palette

Some colors are naturally calming. When you go to select the paint color for your bedroom, avoid bright and stimulating shades. Instead, stick to soothing colors and light neutrals to create a calming environment that will let you drift off. One color that's always a winner is blue. 

Create a Soothing Environment

Just because you're banning devices and keeping furnishing minimal doesn't mean you can't create a soothing environment. You might want to consider adding a potted plant to your decor or an essential oil diffuser to emit some aromatic oils that will lull you into a calming state. 

Remember to Keep It Serene

Never forget that your bedroom should be a place of joy. Fill your space with things that calm your mind, choose the right mattress, and keep your electronics and work out of the space, and you will have a comforting place that's perfect for drifting off. 

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