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5 Easy Winter Home Decor Tips to Ensure Your House Is Cozy

Winter is on its way, and Mother Nature is preparing to bring along lower temps and shorter days. If your home is feeling a bit chilly this time of year and you want to up the cozy factor, there are plenty of ways to do just that with the following ideas.

Seasonal Changes Can Be as Simple or Inspired as You Like

To create a warm and comfy feel in your home this winter, focus on changing a few accents and accessories. For instance, you can line the fireplace mantel with real or flameless candles to provide a soothing warm glow and fill glass vases with pinecones and twinkling battery-operated lights to create an ethereal, wintertime look. 

Looking for something a little more impactful? Make bigger changes, like painting a wall in a bold and new-to-you color. Don’t worry about it matching anything else — choose a color you love, like bright turquoise or fire engine red, and then keep the wall as bare as possible to make it a focal point of the room. If that sounds like too much, simply swapping out rugs and armchairs makes a huge change in the level of coziness a room has.

Swap Out Your Furniture

If space and your budget permit, consider swapping out your usual couch and chairs in the living room with a deep seat sofa and a cushy loveseat or two. You might find these pieces in another room of your home, or you can always head to Jerome’s for some new furniture — some of our motion furniture even features mood lighting, which is ideal for creating a cozy mood on a cold night. The larger and plushier pieces will exude coziness on cold days.

Bring Out the Warm and Fuzzy Textiles

If your tootsies are chilly during the winter, consider adding a faux fur throw rug or two in the family room or in your bedroom — this way, when you get out of bed in the morning, the first thing your feet touches will be warm and comfortable. Our Indochine Dark Blue Rug is a generously sized 7-plus-feet-wide by 9-plus-feet-deep indoor shag rug that would look great in any room. 

To add to the plushy feel of the home, add soft accessories that are extra comfortable to the rooms in your home — this can include flannel sheets for the bed, cashmere or woolen throws for the back of the couch, and cotton quilts. Choose throws in a bright or jeweled tone for a splash of color on dark winter nights. 

To make things easy, check out our selection of throw pillows to add some seasonal color to your décor. For instance, our Shimmering Starburst pillow, with its bright white color and beautiful star design, is reminiscent of a snowflake falling on a winter evening.

Change Your Color Palette

In addition to painting an accent wall or two, look for other ways to swap out your current color palette. Cool colors like those in the blue family are ideal choices for winter decorating — if you mix these tones with white, it will remind you of an icy wonderland with frozen ponds and snow-covered hills. 

If you want to leave your holiday decor out a bit longer, consider complementing the greens and reds with warm tones and wooden accents, and then change your usual wall art for something more “wintry” feeling. At Jerome's, we sell a variety of gorgeous decorations for the walls that will inspire a cozy feel — for example, our Aztec Deer B wall art will remind you of a ski lodge and will look great in your living or dining room.

Let There Be Light

Combat the shorter days and dwindling daylight with clever ways to bring more light into your décor. For example, add LED light strands — like the aforementioned battery operated ones, or use the ones that plug into the wall — and run them around the windows and doors. Switch out some of your bulbs to lower-wattage options with a warmer spectrum; this will transform even the chilliest of rooms into a cozy space. You can also select a colored light bulb or two to add a festive glow to the room. 

Finally, if you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace, capitalize on its inherent focal point qualities and use winter-themed accents to decorate it. If you don’t want to light a fire, fill it with battery-operated candles in different heights and run a swag with sparkling LED lights across the mantel.

Embrace Winter by Adding Coziness to Your Home

Winter will be here for a while, so you may as well embrace its cooler days and dark evenings. Thankfully, by decorating your home with winter in mind, you can make your abode look and feel comfy and warm. Curl up by the fire and check out our selection of accessories and accents to select a few new pieces.