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4 Smart Home Furnishing Tips for Every Pet Parent

Being a pet parent is one of the best jobs in the world (next to being an actual parent), but it's also one of the messiest. We love our little furry friends more than anything, but we don't love the treatment they dish out to our furniture. The good thing is there are ways you can protect your home so you and your pets can enjoy your furniture without disaster. Here are four smart home furnishing tips every pet parent should know about.

1.  Choose Furniture Made From Pet-Friendly Materials

Leather and microfiber are two of the most popular choices for pet owners when it comes to pet-proof furniture. That's because leather can be easily wiped down and microfiber resists wetting and staining. The downside is that leather is easy for cats to destroy with their claws — and the same goes for pleather. 

Regardless, leather seems to be the best choice between the two, and since leather ages well, you can't go wrong if you've got a pup that loves to make himself at home on the opposite side of the couch. For increased durability, try semi-aniline leather like Oxford leather, which is more resilient because of a wax coating that protects against accidents.

But whatever you do, avoid any material with a loose weave that can catch claws and collect fur.

2. Use Throws and Rugs as a Layer of Protection

Protect your beautiful wooden floors from gnarly scratches with a decent size rug. Finding a throw or rug to use can add a layer of protection against claws of doom — especially when they need a clipping. But more than that, a throw rug can add a splash of color or make a room feel cozier. You can also protect sofas and chairs from shed fur and drool with washable throws that match your decor. Think warm alpaca or sheepskin to provide a barrier between the furniture and your precious pets.

3. Buy Sturdy Tables and Stands With Good Height

To avoid accidents, find and purchase sturdy tables and stands with good height. It's also best to avoid furniture with thin legs or furniture that can easily tip if bumped during playtime. If you've got a pup, buy tables and stands with surfaces high enough to avoid curious noses and happy tails. Additionally, opt for glass coffee and end tables instead of wood, as glass is easily gnawed by dogs. 

For those with a feisty feline, find wood coffee and end tables because their paw prints are less visible on this type of surface — and we all know how cats love to strut their stuff on anything and everything. As much as you love them, you'd probably prefer it if they didn't leave traces of their existence in the form of little paw prints smudging up your gorgeous glass.

4. Buy Your Pet Pals Their Own Furniture

If all else fails or you just simply don't want your pets on your furniture, you could always get them their own furniture. Find cat and dog beds that look comfortable enough for your fur babies and place a few around the house. Choose from several options like orthopedic, bolstered, heated, and pillow beds. If your pup likes to lie next to you on the couch, consider placing the bed next to the couch so she knows its for her. It could take a while for her to get used to it, so give her some time or consider using a technique to get her to use it, like placing treats on it.

Pets and a Nice Home Don't Have to Be Exclusive

Styling your home around your pets is essential if you want to be a pet parent. The key is to find furniture that works for you and your home, whether you've got a cat, a dog, or some combination of the two. 

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