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4 Bedroom Design Styles Perfect for the Holidays

If the holiday spirit is gracing other parts of your home — the lights, the tree, the decorations — then why not carry some holiday magic into the bedroom? Use these ideas to make every night one that's primed for dreams of sugar plum fairies dancing in your head.

Sleep in a Sleigh — Seriously 

Sleigh bed styles like the Wilmington Brown Eastern King Sleigh Bed are elegant year-round with a striking headboard. Up the Christmas ante with holiday accessories, like red velvet pillows or a comfy Featherstone brown throw.

Pop in a touch of metallic with the White Gold accent bowl, which you can fill with holiday-friendly pine cones or some faux presents. The reversible Corduroy and Sherpa Throw blanket brings a touch of snow indoors, too.

Tinsel Town Fun 

For holiday glam this season, shop bedroom sets near me like the Audrey queen bedroom set. This setup exudes Hollywood glamor with reflective silver finishes that also lend themselves to holiday fun.

Enhance the room with gorgeous lighting, like the Chandelier Crystal Table Lamp, which brings a crystallized feel to a holiday-themed room. For a mesmerizing starry night indoors, add candles in votive holders

Add a contrast of texture to the sleekly elegant room with the Wolf throw pillow and the Faux Fur white throw blanket. Put your paws on these pieces, close your eyes, and you might just feel like you're touching a real snowy wolf!

Bring in a ceramic vase like the Olivia or a metal glass lantern to complete the room. These fun and affordable home accessories will really make it feel like the holidays in your sanctuary.

Coastal Wonderland

Who says the holidays have to be all about snowy environments? Southern California bedroom sets can still say “holiday” without the snow when you have a sleek Sandy Beach bedroom set or distressed Contour dark grey bedroom set.

Add some holiday touches with your lighting. The Cooper white wash table lamp gives the distressed faux candlestick holder look, or use an actual candle with a large ceramic glass hurricane candle holder for twinkly lighting in your room. 

And you can use affordable bedroom accessories like the Flynn wall decor to double as a bulletin board for pinning up holiday cards and photos.

If you love binge-watching holiday movies (and who doesn't?), then put a TV on top of the Marquee chestnut TV console, and get comfy with a movie marathon in bed.

5-Star Holi-Stay

Sometimes, there's not enough time to get out of town during the holidays. Bring the vacation feel home with a luxury bedroom set like the Parlee sand queen upholstered bed, dresser, mirror, and nightstand. Dive into this bed, and you'll feel like you're in a top hotel, even at home.

Thoughtful accessories tie the room together. The Cherry Blossoms canvas is a breathtaking oil painting that provides the perfect transition from winter to spring once the holidays are over. On the bed, an interesting accent pillow like the Koza Sapphire adds an interesting contrast in design.

And finally, a bed bench like the Audrey pearlized silver bed bench or a storage ottoman like the Paula is a great place for you and your beloved to whisper sweet nothings to each other and escape the holiday craziness inside your room.

Make Your Bedroom a Little Cheerier with Holiday Design 

The holidays are a time for getting warm and cozy and enjoying company. Those feelings can make their way to your bedroom, too, when you use holiday-inspired design. Whether you opt for a sleigh bed Christmas theme, Tinsel Town decor, a coastal wonderland, or a holiday staycation within your very own home, Jerome's Furniture has endless options for all your wildest holiday dreams. Search for your next bedroom furniture set at our one of our local San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, and Riverside area furniture stores today!