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3 Ways to Buy A Mattress: Which Way is Best For You?

After months of figuratively waking up on the wrong side of the bed with a sore neck, an aching back, and more exhaustion than when you hit the hay the previous night, you are finally ready to admit your mattress is way past its prime. You fully understand the value of a good night of sleep, and you realize that your ancient mattress is interfering with this goal.

Before you start your quest for a new mattress, we wanted to go over the three most common approaches to mattress shopping to help you decide which option is best for you (here’s a hint — we are all about Option Three). So, without further ado, let’s look at the three ways most people shop for a new mattress.

Option One: The Traditional Mattress Store

We know there are reputable mattress stores out there, we really do. We also know that there are plenty of businesses that seem to have a “what do we need to do to get you into this mattress tonight?” approach, which may make you feel like you are buying a used car instead of a queen mattress. 

At a traditional mattress store, you will probably work with a mattress salesperson; unfortunately, he or she may be more likely to show you mattresses that will help him or her earn a bonus rather than the mattress that is the best match for you, your sleep style, and your body. Again, not all stores are like this, but we have been inside plenty that are — and even if you get a mellow and helpful guy showing you around the showroom, you will rarely encounter someone who is properly trained to fit you to the proper mattress.

Option Two: The Online “Bed in a Box” Store

You’ve probably seen the ads on TV — the blissfully happy people who adore their bed that they bought on the internet and came shipped to their home in a cardboard box. If you’re thinking “how can you roll up a bed and stick it inside a box?” we completely get where you are coming from. We’ve wondered the same thing. So we checked these sites out.

At first, these beds in a box seem like a cost-effective and convenient option. And after all, you can buy your size 10 shoes online, so why not a queen mattress? Here’s why: because chances are about 50/50 that you’ll end up with a mattress that actually provides a proper night’s sleep. Mattresses are not like your trusty pair of Nikes that you can replace online without trying them on first; they are very different and they need to be “tried on” in person.

Unfortunately, after dragging that heavy box into your room, unrolling the mattress, and letting it breathe for a while before sleeping on it for a few nights, if you decide your back hurts worse than ever, returning the darn thing can be a real nightmare to navigate. Plus you’ll have to roll it back up and stick it back in that box — no thank you.

Option Three: Working with a “Bedding Expert” Like at Jerome's

At Jerome’s, we truly love helping valued customers like you to find the perfect mattress. Not because it will get us a bonus (it won't), or because it’s the most expensive one (we never push the spendiest one — that is not our style). The mattresses we suggest to you will best fit your sleeping style, age, and body type.

When you come into one of our convenient showrooms, one of our highly trained specialists will work with you to fit a mattress to you and your sleeping needs. The process will take 30 minutes or less, which is way less time than it will take to try and fit that rolled up mattress back in the box.

Specifically, one of our friendly and experienced Certified Sleep Specialists will take you through the Complete Fit® process. They will start by asking you to try a firm, medium, and plush mattress to see which one is most comfy. Feel free to take your time — we won’t rush you from one option to the next — and be sure to lie down in your fave sleep position.

Then, your Certified Sleep Specialist will show you a wide variety of mattresses with similar support. You can test drive as many as you want, narrowing it down to about three choices. After trying them out again and looking at prices, you’ll make your choice — knowing it’s the perfect one for you and your budget.

As a company that is devoted to selling our customers the correct and proper mattress for your needs, our Complete Fit process will vastly improve the chance that you will purchase a mattress that is a perfect match.

We are also happy to help recommend the right pillow for your sleeping style, as well as any bedding accessories that you might want for your new mattress. For instance, we offer plenty of mattress protectors, sheets designed expressly for Jerome’s mattress selection, lifestyle foundations, and other items.

Let Us Help You Get the Good Nights of Sleep You Need and Deserve

We don’t want you to go another night on a bad mattress. We also don’t want you to waste your hard-earned money on a mattress that is a poor fit for you. We look forward to working with you and helping determine which of our mattresses will help you to get perfect nights of reinvigorating rest. Before stopping in for your mattress consultation, you are always welcome to view our inventory online to see what we have to offer.