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3 Must-Get Items for College Students

It's bittersweet when your child leaves the nest to go to college. You're proud of them for moving into this new chapter of their lives, but you also don't want them to forget dear ol' mom and dad. 

One way to remind your new college student of the love only you can provide is to send them off with new furniture and decorations. We're talking the kind they'll adore and that's sure to impress all their new college friends.

Even if your student is headed to a dorm already outfitted with inexpensive bedroom furniture sets, desks, and cheap bedding sets queen, there are still some essential furniture pieces that can make their dorm room homier. From accent wall mirrors to artwork for bedroom walls, here are three essential items to pack up with your college student.

1. A Futon

Perhaps the quintessential college furniture item, a futon is the perfect piece to start with. Most college living arrangements are in close quarters, so you want to give your kiddo something that can multitask as both a seating and sleeping space. Luckily, a futon fits the bill.

Futon quality is important to help sleepers avoid back pain and sleepless nights of tossing and turning. Luxurious but affordable futon sleepers from Jerome's Furniture are made with amazing materials and are perfect for sleeping, studying, or zoning out.

Your college kid can also use a futon to add a nice seat in a dorm room, so their guests don't have to sit on their bed. They're also a great addition to an off-campus apartment, so guests can sleep comfortably without the need for an extra bedroom. High-quality futon beds have the appearance of high-end couches, without the cost, so they're an easy way to upgrade a college environment and provide extra function.

2. Mirrors

Since college life is all about being savvy with small spaces, add mirrors to bring light and the illusion of extra space to even the smallest of dorm rooms. Mirrors can even be used to create the look of a faux window in an otherwise dark or dreary environment. College dorm basement rooms, we're looking at you. 

You can use mirrors in a variety of ways to amplify the space of a room. Here are some tips.

  • Angle accent wall mirrors toward a focal point of a room to add depth.
  • Place a mirror near a window to open up the outdoor feel.
  • Add mirrors in unexpected places to expand the room, like on a refrigerator or behind a door.

Jerome's has tons of decorative accent wall mirrors and bedroom mirrors to let your college student showcase their style. Mirrors are another essential piece that serves lots of functions: the ability to see yourself, a work of art, and a tool that makes a room look bigger.

3. Wall Art

Whether it's a breakup, a bad test score, or the stress of having an 8 a.m. midterm the next day, college kids need happy motivational triggers to keep them focused and successful. Artwork for bedroom walls can do the trick. 

Color alone can work wonders on mood and happiness. For example, the color green is linked to creativity, while the color blue evokes calm and a sense of trustworthiness. Simply looking at a piece of beautiful art can help a student regroup and de-stress.

Use these interior design tips to tastefully display art in a college home environment:

  • Take inventory of what you have. Consider all the artworks your student can display and the wall space they're working with.
  • Cluster or spotlight. If they have one big piece of art, that should be the focal point. If they're displaying multiple pieces or smaller pieces, segment them into groups based on type, color, or shape and display those together.
  • Embrace imperfections. If you're hanging multiple pieces in an area with a lot of space, don't worry about lining them up perfectly spaced out. Arranging art in an unexpected way, like in an asymmetrical sweeping shape, creates more interest.
  • Class it up. Conversely, if you're working with a small amount of wall space, like in a dorm room, a more streamlined setup can give the area a striking look.

The most important thing is for your college student to absolutely love their art. You want them to get good vibes whenever they see it. Have your soon-to-be college student take a look at Jerome's fun and funky artwork for bedroom walls to get inspired.

Create a College Home Sweet Home 

Your college student might not have a lot of room to work with, but there are so many ways to create a space they'll love calling home over the next year. You want to help your kid maximize their space and love spending time in it, whether they're pulling an all-nighter studying or having some new friends over for pizza. 

Stop into a Jerome's Furniture location to get everything you need for a successful transition to college for your child. We can help with additional storage and bedding options for college students. And, we're always here to give an encouraging fist bump before they head off, too.