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3 Hot Home Décor Trends for 2019

It's a New Year coming up. Gym parking lots will be full of exercisers ready to make themselves over. We say 2019 is the perfect time to make over your home, too. Give your home decor a refresh with these top design trends that usher you into the New Year in style.

1. Tell Your Story Through Your Home Decor

More Americans are on social media today than ever before, and that embracing of self-expression will translate to home design, too. You may not show off your home on your YouTube channel — yet — but it'll sure be Instagram-worthy when you infuse your own personality into its bones. 

Showing off personal style is especially important when today's homeowners entertain. Global research firm Growth from Knowledge reports a quarter of people around the world entertain guests in their homes either daily or weekly, and a third of people entertain guests monthly. Globally, more than 90 percent of people entertain guests at home at least sometimes. 

As people are more comfortable expressing themselves online, expect that confidence to come indoors, too. Bright, bold colors and stand-out accents grab attention and reflect individuality. Pieces like these double as home decor and as conversation starters:

Home decor is no longer solely functional. Each piece becomes a direct reflection of taste and identity.

2. Gaining Clarity in the Kitchen  

Health and wellness have been huge priorities in recent years, especially for millennials and younger generations. CNBC reports with more people embracing vegetarian or vegan diets, at least for part of the time, fruits and vegetables have become bigger shopping considerations.

That's impacting kitchen design. Showing off fresh produce with glass panes on refrigerators is a great way to decorate with colorful fruits and veggies and reminds home dwellers to use them often in meals.  

Expect homeowners to cultivate their own green thumbs in their kitchens, too. Mini-indoor gardens of fresh green herbs enable home chefs to snip and toss flavor enhancers directly into what they're cooking. 

Even wine is going au naturel. Sales of organic wine are expected to top 1 billion bottles by 2022. When homeowners have guests over in 2019, they can show off their healthy wine choices with chic hutches and cabinets like the Bugiri Black Accent Cabinet, the Clayton Pecan Cocktail Bar, and the Toronto Brown Curio.

3. Finishes Are Not an After-Thought

Details matter when it comes to furniture in 2019. Since every little part of a home decor piece is an opportunity to show off amazing taste, expect new pieces to incorporate playful and eye-catching finishes. 

Matte black is the new “it” color for homes. It has been featured on fashion runways, so expect it to make its way into home decor, in pieces like the Hacienda Office Collection and Master Bedroom Collection.

Metal is an interesting material that instantly jazzes up any plain piece. Expect metal to be used with less restraint in wall accents and textiles and on tables and chairs. Pieces like the Grate Wall Decor and the Melrose Dark Brown End Table have dazzling metal touches that add complexity to each piece. 

And with technology having a ubiquitous presence in most of our lives, expect natural details like wood to offer some balance. Wood dining collections like the Boulevard mix metal with wood, while the solid pine Cabo Antique Entertainment Wall adds a natural touch to a technology-filled home entertainment center.

Need a New Year's Resolution? Update Your Home Design 

Self-expression, an emphasis on health and wellness in the kitchen, and interesting finishes like matte black and metal are updated design trends that have lasting appeal. Need some help when coming up with design inspiration for your home in the New Year? Contact the Jerome's Furniture sales team for assistance.