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3 Common Sales Tactics to Avoid When Furniture Shopping

Sales people often have a reputation for being pushy, sneaky and frankly annoying. This can be frustrating when furniture shopping, especially if you can’t tell if you’re getting a great deal or just helping someone meet their quota. But not at Jerome’s. With us, you get upfront, no-gimmick sales people that make furniture shopping a breeze. Let’s take a look at some of the most common sales tactics that furniture sales people use on the showroom floor.

It’s All About “Sales”

For sales people, it’s literally all about sales — the sales they make and the sales they claim their store is having. If you’ve ever heard or seen furniture stores advertising their “storewide sale” or the “best sale of the year,” then you’ve witnessed exactly the kind of tactics they like to use to lure customers in. Then once you’ve been baited into the store, sales people attack like the sharks that they are to try to get you to buy something. They love to scare you with lines like “this sale is ending soon,” or “this piece is almost sold out, you better buy it before it’s gone.”

This makes customers feel like they have to buy the furniture, instead of just wanting to buy it voluntarily. Making furniture seem like it’s exclusive or scarce is just another slimy sales tactic that you should try to avoid at all costs. Luckily, at Jerome’s there some safer options for you that don’t involve being forced into buying a new couch.

In fact, we don’t even have “sales” at our stores. Instead, we have what’s called “Jerry’s Price,” which is a no-haggle, no-gimmick strategy where we mark down our furniture to the lowest possible prices from the get-go. That means the same prices every single day of the week — no pushy sales people and time to figure out exactly what you want. 

It’s Never Enough

Once a sales person knows what they want, they will do whatever it takes for you to try to upsell you or get you to buy additional furniture that you may not even need. For example, maybe you came in for a new dining room table, and you plan to stick to a budget of about $500, but the sales person is trying to push you into going for an entire kitchen dining set for almost double the price because it’s a better “deal.” Here we go again. Traditionally, sales people love to haggle you until you feel like you have no other option but to take the suggested deal, even though it’s way out of your original price range. At Jerome's, Jerry has already haggled for you so that you always get the lowest prices possible. 

We pride ourselves for our no-haggle pricing and stick to our core family values. This means you can walk onto our showroom floor and enjoy your furniture shopping experience, instead of trying to dodge sales people. 

It’s About Quantity, Not Quality

Unfortunately, one of the most backwards sales tactics that’s customers often get tricked into is to settle for overpriced furniture. Sales people have a tendency to over-promise on the quality of the furniture when presenting you with an unreasonably high price.

If you think the price sounds ridiculous for what you’re getting, it probably is. Don't pay high-end pricing for build-a-bed-quality items that you have to put together with an Allen wrench. Instead, come to Jerome’s where you don’t get scammed into paying high-end prices at the store just to have to assemble the furniture yourself once you get home. You pay the lowest prices every day for quality furniture without lifting a finger. 

Now that you know the three most common sales tactics, you can avoid them like the plague. When avoiding these pushy sales schemes, you’re sure to get the absolute best deal with no catch.

The customer sales representatives at Jerome's are here to help you meet all of your furniture needs and give you that personalized shopping experience.