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10 common decorating bloopers

Ever wonder why your floor plan and furnishings just aren't working together? We've gathered a few common mistakes we see homeowners making time and time again. Avoid these mistakes for a space that looks fresh and professionally styled.

1. Pillow overload

Ironically, too many pillows on a sofa or bed look sloppy and uncomfortable. Not to mention the never-ending load work of arranging and rearranging them. Simplify.

2. Cables

They look messy. Hide them.

3. Uncomfortable dining chairs

The best dinners go late. Make sure you and your guests are comfy.

4. Furniture that doesn't fit

Measure. Measure. Measure. Jerome's Room Planner is an easy and fun way to know what you need before you shop. The simple interface allows you to create floor plans and arrange furniture to see how products fit.

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5. Bad lighting

It's so not necessary! Create layered lighting by using floor lamps, table lamps, and task lighting. Different styles of fixtures and sources produces lighting that highlights great features, eliminates shadowing and gives your home a rich look.

6. Ignore the foyer

This is where you welcome people to your home. A little bit of attention goes a long way in making a first impression.

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7. Pictures hung too high

57" center is the magic number. This means the center of the pictures should be 57" off the floor. Consider these measurements when purchasing wall art. It will help you avoid making a purchase you'll later regret. 

8. Scale

An oversized chair and a dainty table will be unbalanced. Pay attention to scale and proportion to create a harmonious environment. 

9. Pushing furniture against the walls

Dead giveaway that you have no interior design skills. Bring it in a bit. Make it cozy.

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