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Whether you use your home office for work or you need a quiet place to pay your bills and address all of those holiday cards, you deserve to have a really spiffy spot. If you have suddenly realized that your existing desk is shabby, your chair is literally on its last legs and you have piles of paperwork all over the floor, it is time to find modern and contemporary home office furniture that is durable and looks great.

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Fortunately, at Jerome's Furniture, we have a line of premium office furniture that is as attractive as it is functional.

Types of Home Office Furniture

Premium Office Desks

First and foremost, you need a place to work in your home office. If you have been making do with a card table or castoff kitchen table, it's time to get your upgrade on and spring for a desk that is ideal for any home office space. For example, Jerome's offers the Cosgrove desk complete with one drop front keyboard/pencil drawer and a power center with an AC outlet and USB port. Made from oak solids and featuring a weathered grey look, this desk is perfect for those who need to find furniture for an office.

If you want a desk that is a bit bigger and has more drawers, the Mason Natural Pedestal Desk is a terrific option--it comes with a number of utility drawers along with a dropdown keyboard/pencil tray and locking letter file drawers, which are ideal for sensitive tax documents, bills and other private paperwork.

Find a Stylish Bookcase Near Me

In addition to a nice place to work, you'll need an attractive spot to store the plethora of stuff that is inherent to many home offices. This is where a bookcase from Jerome's will come in handy for those who are on the hunt to find furniture for an office that is both stylish and functional.

For instance, we offer bookcases that come with a ladder, which offer easy access to the books you are looking for. If you have the space, you can buy more than one and create a bookcase wall in your home office.

You can also go for something a bit smaller like the Mason natural bookcase that is made from oak solids and includes rustic index card hand pulls and fixed shelves along with storage drawers that will help you get all of that paperwork clutter out of sight.

Don't Forget the Credenza or File Cabinet

If you think you might get by without a credenza in your office, think again. Credenzas like the Cosgrove weathered grey credenza allows you to store everything from your printer to extra ink and reams of paper in the sliding barn door storage area. You can also place family photos on the top of the credenza to give your home office a personal look and--if the kiddos share your home office to do their homework--the credenza shelves can hold their school supplies and textbooks.

If you prefer more of a dresser look for your extra supplies, the Mason natural lateral file cabinet is a perfect option when you want to find furniture for the office that works as hard as you do.

Premium Office Furniture Necessity - A Comfortable Chair

If you are sitting on a folding chair or some ancient swivel chair with breaking casters, do your back a favor and invest in a great desk chair that is comfy, supportive and built to last. After all, in order for you to get some serious work done, you'll need a decent chair on which to perch.

Once again, Jerome's will save the day--check out the Hacienda weathered charcoal desk chair with its solid pine bones and adjustable height and tilt function. You'll love this chair so much, you'll wheel it into other rooms to continue enjoying its comfort and support.

See Our Premium Office Furniture in Person

When you are ready to give your home office a serious makeover, we invite you to check out our selection of modern and contemporary home office furniture online, as well as in person. Our friendly and talented sales staff will be happy to help you find furniture for your office that is durable, highly usable and beautiful.

Once you select the pieces you want, you can rest assured that you will pay the best possible price every day, thanks to our Jerry's Price guarantee. Come in today!