Looking to buy patio umbrellas online? We carry a full selection of everything you need to stay cool in the shade during the summer. Choose from red, tan, green or neutral color umbrellas in market, cantilever or rectangular styles. We also carry bases from 50 pounds and up to keep your umbrella stable when the forecast calls for strong winds.

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What to Look for in Outdoor Patio Umbrellas

Outdoor patio umbrellas keep you cool, keep the sun out of your eyes, and protect you from sunburn. They can also add a colorful, stylish look to your deck or patio. To get the most out of your umbrella, here are a few items you should look for when shopping and comparing selections:

- Color: Pick an umbrella that coordinates with the color scheme of your deck or patio.

- Size: Patio umbrellas vary in diameter, so consider how large an area you need to cover.

- Adjustability: Some umbrellas can tilt to let you adjust the area of coverage, while others can fold down for protection from inclement weather.

- Durability: Because umbrellas can be damaged by weather or simply toppling over, this makes buying something durable quite desirable.

- Stability: Umbrellas require support, and a brisk wind can blow umbrellas away or damage them, so having a strong base that fits your umbrella is an important accessory.

- Portability: Know umbrellas that fold down are easier to store and transport.

Keeping these items in mind can help you select the outdoor patio umbrellas and bases that best fit your needs.

Cabo Brick Market Umbrella

This red umbrella is a perfect complement for patios with a brick motif, adding just the right atmospheric touch to an outdoor barbecue. Its nine-foot diameter canopy comfortably shades a round picnic table, while the crank lift and advanced collar tilt features make it easy to adjust this umbrella to the position and angle you want. Meantime, crack-resistant fiberglass ribs will keep your umbrella up during windy conditions and protect it from being damaged.

Cabo Antique Beige Market Umbrella

This stylish tan umbrella sports an antique look, lending your deck a touch of class. The 9-foot canopy keeps your picnic table or lawn chairs cool in the shade. Find the perfect angle by adjusting the collar tilt. This model's crack-resistant fiberglass ribs maintain your umbrella when the wind kicks up, while the crank lift mechanism makes it easy to take your umbrella down when the weather gets too severe.

Coral Coast Pacific Palm Cantilever Umbrella

This green cantilever-style umbrella lets you provide shade to tables and chairs without the need to set the umbrella into your table. A full 9 feet of canopy cover provides plenty of shade for a table or lawn chairs. Heavy-duty aluminum ribs with a high durable resin housing and hub keep your umbrella stiff against the wind and safe from stormy weather. A deluxe crank lift system makes it easy to take your umbrella down for storage.

Coral Coast Pacific Beige Cantilever Umbrella

This tan cantilever umbrella provides shade anywhere you want without requiring you to insert it into a table. The 9-foot canopy offers lots of cool shade for chairs and tables. Durable aluminum construction with a sturdy resin housing and hub support your umbrella in the wind and protect it from weather damage. The deluxe crank lift system allows you to fold your umbrella down during strong storms or winter months.

Key Largo Sunbrella Antique Beige Rectangular Umbrella

This 11 foot by 8 foot rectangular umbrella provides maximum cover for larger tables or longer lawn chair sets. Crank your umbrella open or closed for easy set-up and protection from bad weather. This model's high durable resin housing is designed to keep your umbrella sturdy against an unexpected storm.

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