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Outdoor Living Room Sets

About Outdoor Living Room Sets

Southern California is home to some of the most beautiful weather in the world. Year-round, it's fun to gather and celebrate outdoors. Outdoor furniture sets from Jerome's enhance time spent outside. Beautiful and cozy patio sofa set options make outdoor living attractive, comfortable, and oh-so-enjoyable.

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Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets

If you have a patio, pool, or deck, add an affordable patio furniture set to make your space perfect for having dinner, hanging out with friends, or enjoying family time. Getting outside to do the things you love adds a new layer of fun to the experience. Outdoor patio sets from Jerome's Furniture give your outdoor living space more of that "home is where the heart is" feeling.

Find the Perfect Patio Sofa for Your Outdoor Space

A great outdoor furniture set will have the elements you need to comfortably seat a group outside. You'll want:

Lounge-worthy seating that enables you to linger for hours.

Sturdy and durable furniture to withstand outside elements.

Furniture in a beautiful color or design to complement your outdoor space.

Complete your outdoor patio sets with a rug and table for a really fashionable living-room-outdoors look.

Outdoor Loveseat

A loveseat is a small sofa built to comfortably hold two people. Of course, if you have young kids, the spacious outdoor loveseat options from Jerome's Furniture might be able to fit more.

An outdoor loveseat is great to have if you want to:

Watch TV on an outdoor set.

Enjoy a beautiful outdoors view.

Have a snack or meal outside.

Cuddle up with a loved one and chat.

Make sure your outdoor loveseat furniture is made from materials that are durable in all types of weather. Acrylic fabric that is resistant to weather, fading, mildew, and staining provides extra mileage for your outdoor loveseat.

Outdoor Armless Chair

Outdoor armless chairs are must-haves for your outdoor furniture set, too. They can conveniently be moved around so that groups can gather where they want. Outdoor armless chairs make it easy to get comfortable just about anywhere in the open air.

With affordable patio furniture sets from Jerome's Furniture, you can add on as many outdoor armless chairs as you want. If you have a large backyard, you might want more seating options. Or, if you like to throw big parties, you can get extra chairs and store them until guests arrive. Outdoor armless chairs are easy to transport and can transform your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Corner Wedge

Outdoor corner wedge chairs are adaptable for a wide variety of uses. Place one in the middle of a couple outdoor loveseats to create a giant, cohesive seating area that looks like a full sofa. Or, if you need more seating in a certain area or want to change up the look of your patio sofa set, just drag your wedge chair wherever you need it.

An outdoor corner wedge chair is a piece of furniture that encourages residents or guests to get cozy. They usually come with a couple of back cushions, so you can squeeze more than one person on each for lounging.

Outdoor Ottoman

Outdoor ottomans are luxurious options to have outside. Some are just as cool to look at as they are functional. For example, an ice chest ottoman provides ice bucket storage, as well as a table for people to put food or drinks on.

There are also softer living room-style ottomans that are great for kicking feet up on. These types of outdoor ottomans give an outdoor space a living room vibe, upping your ability to entertain and enjoy your great outdoors.

Outdoor Sofa

Finally, outdoor sofas are a great addition to outdoor furniture sets. Outdoor sofas provide more seating availability, so they're good for those who love to have people over and entertain large groups.

An outdoor sofa set is also key if you like to lay out outside, if you read outside and want the option to sprawl, or if you have an outdoor entertainment area with a TV. Gorgeous California weather means it's usually a great time to head outdoors and relax.

Find Stunning Outdoor Patio Sets at Jerome's Furniture

Head into your local Jerome's Furniture store to see affordable patio furniture sets you and your guests will adore. Sit down, close your eyes, and imagine outdoor living as you've never experienced before. Best of all, they're always available at Jerry's Price, so you get the best value.