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This year, make a pact with yourself that you'll finally turn your outdoor space into the favorite part of your home. Whether your little slice of nature is a grand lawn or a tiny apartment balcony, there's no reason to settle for boring, uninspiring outdoor decor.

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With a wide array of outdoor accessories available at Jerome's, from a colorful Turkish outdoor rug to whimsical flamingo throw pillows, you're sure to find outdoor de;cor that will reflect your personal style. Look around and get ready to make your outdoor space as comfortable, vibrant and welcoming as any room in your house.

All-Weather Accessories and Outdoor Rugs for Sale

Tie a Room Together with Our Outdoor Rugs for Sale

One of the best ways to turn a patio or deck into a legit outdoor living space is with an outdoor rug. If you have a large yard, rugs will help visually define your outdoor areas, separating your lounging space from your outdoor dining room. For small balconies or patios, a rug will add color and coziness.

While all our rugs would look great in any room of your house, they're also treated to hold up to the elements. So, if you're ready to buy an outdoor rug online, check out our selection, which ranges from bright and tropical to neutral and calming.

Shine a Light with Outdoor Lamps

Outdoor lamps are that sweet spot of both beautiful form and light-giving function. With that in mind, make your patio or deck truly feel like an outdoor living room you can enjoy even after the sun goes down with a decorative lamp specially made to handle all kinds of weather. Choose from the modern Abaco table lamp, our gray-washed Cape Cod floor and table lamps, or the warm, natural Aragon collection.

Get Comfy with Outdoor Accent Pillows

Accent pillows add an element of comfort and color to even the plainest patio furniture. Don't worry about leaving your pillows outside, as these outdoor throw pillows are made with fabric that won't fade in the sun or mold in the rain. Whether you're accessorizing a festive party patio or an intimate seating arrangement, we have the perfect pillow in a color and pattern to fit your style.

Put Your Feet Up on Outdoor Ottomans

Is there anything better than sitting back and putting your feet up? We thought so. So why not give yourself that gift in your outdoor living space with a cube or ottoman? Cubes and ottomans (which are really just cubes with legs) help you relax, work as colorful side tables for drinks or food, and, as a bonus, can act as additional seating when you are entertaining.

And, of course, our cubes and ottomans may look like a piece of furniture you'd find in your family room, but they're actually made for outside use. Choose from a subtle gray, tropical leaf print, classic stripe and more!

Make It Pretty with Outdoor De;cor

When decorating any room in your home, you're always looking for that one perfect accessory to make it feel complete. The same goes for outfitting your outdoor space. Maybe your perfect accent is a kitschy meditating frog statue or a bright ceramic vase to display cut flowers from your yard. Little accents like these will help give your patio personality.

Visit Jerome's to Browse Outdoor Rugs for Sale

We invite you to come into any Jerome's store and check out all our products for yourself. Touch the pillows, measure the rugs, put your feet up on an ottoman; we promise you won't be hassled by our salespeople. And when you've made your choices, you'll get Jerry's Price, our lowest price every day.