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Today's bookshelves do so much more than just store books. Strategically placed open bookcases can create a focal point for showcasing all of your photos or displaying a prized collection. Place several traditional bookshelves side by side for an instant custom-looking wall to house your personal library. Traditional bookcases are also a great way to create easy-access storage in a craft room, game room or home office. Use those home office bookshelves to control the clutter. Use one or more to manage everything from books to jewelry to stuffed animals in a child's room. Of course, you can never go wrong using the home office bookcases exactly how they were intended, for books! Browse our selection online, or visit any of our Southern California area showrooms today.

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Don't stow it; show it! A bunch of stuff sitting around is just a mess, but when you display your things with creativity and intention, that's de;cor.

Practical items can make beautiful displays, as well as artwork and collectibles. Why hide your towels when they look so nice folded on a shelf? From the bathroom to the bedroom, look for ways to use storage creatively and decoratively. You may be surprised at all the extra value you'll start to get out of your furniture.

Jerome's offers hundreds of storage possibilities from shelving to cabinets. Don't be afraid to re-purpose an item. Turn a rustic shelving unit into extra pantry space for kitchen utensils & cookbooks. Be creative! Plus, Jerome's makes it easy to be inspired to try new looks because Jerry's Price means you don't have to stress about going over budget when you get your creative on.

Organizing a bookcase

Creating lines, achieving balance, and maintaining scale is the way to organize a bookcase.

It's best to use books that look good and that you use often. The bottom shelf should be reserved for items that have a decorative appearance and are larger. This creates a foundation. Then you can work from the bottom to the top.

Plants and decorative items blend well with books. Make sure you use pieces that mix well the style of the room.

Using different sized items

Size matters! Different sized items are essential. Varying heights will make your display more interesting. Don't make everything too perfect. Keep things off-center and group things in odd numbers. Try to make it look relaxed, as well as organized.

It's essential to mix shapes. If you have a horizontal stack of books, try placing a small, curvy object on top. Keep books with like-colored spines together; contrasts add visual interest. So add unexpected, maybe even humorous touches Don't over-accessorize.

Step back periodically to make sure it doesn't look too cluttered. Give your items some breathing room and give them the space to show themselves off!

Books don't have to stand up like little soldiers. You can mix it up with books lying down. Add depth by layering smaller items in front of larger ones. Ugly spines can be hidden by turning the spine to the back Group "like" items together. Arrange objects with similar shapes, textures or colors together to unify your display. Colors should complement each other and the room. Books look good in baskets too.

Hobbies and collectibles are a great thing to display on bookshelves. Anything looks better as a collection. Grouping family photos or arranging books by color will have a more significant impact visually than having the same items spread out. Try to create balance, not symmetry.

Try arranging things in odd numbers, like five vases on one shelf and two on another. Mix up the difference in height between shelves/ or go for a symmetrical 'all the same height look'. Mix up the objects you are putting on your shelves so that not everything is the same height. Use a book as a riser for a small object.

Think about adding sparkle. Glass and silver pieces will make your shelves shine. Think about adding a mirror to create depth and enjoy the added benefit of making your other pieces' glow. Don't lose storage space. You can keep aesthetic appeal without losing functionality. Try adding large wicker baskets or a small rod and curtain to section off storage space.