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Modern Living Bedroom

About Modern Living Bedroom

At Jerome's Furniture, we know a thing or two about putting a room together. We also know that moving into a new condo or apartment can be a lot of work and stress! That's why we put together our Modern Living Bedroom Furniture collection. Featuring tons of affordable apartment bedroom sets and bedframes to choose from, we hope to take a little bit of stress out of your next move.

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It's the Modern Age

Our Modern Living catalog includes affordable bedroom sets to match any space and style, including a variety of modern furniture pieces. These slim, ergonomically designed furniture sets are the perfect addition to any bedroom where space is at a premium!

Art Deco-Rations

Maybe you're looking for something with a little more of a pop? Our urban bedroom furniture collection also includes several art deco-inspired affordable bedroom sets that will add timeless style to your new place!

Fit for Kings

Maybe you're less worried about the available space in your apartment and more about the space where you sleep. Jerome's Modern Living bedroom furniture collection features several Eastern King- and California King-sized beds to choose from. Forget about sitting, with a king-sized bed you can lay right down in the lap of luxury and make sure you're quite comfortable, too.

No matter your style or the size of your home, Jerome's is sure to have bedroom furniture you'll love and at a price you won't be able to find anywhere else. Shop our affordable apartment bedroom sets online or come into any of our Southern California stores!