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About Hybrids

The best hybrid mattresses combine the luxurious comfort of memory foam with the traditional feel of an innerspring mattress to create the most relaxing sleep system imaginable. Better yet, Jerome's offers a stellar collection of hybrid mattresses in a range of sizes that will work for any home.

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Choose from plush, firm or medium levels of comfort to pick the right mattress for you. Enjoy the lavish contouring support of Jerome's Graphene foam wrapped in cooling Dream Ice fabric for long-lasting coziness night after night. Get the lowdown on what a hybrid mattress is and the different styles available from Jerome's.

What Is a Hybrid Mattress?

A hybrid mattress pairs together traditional spring coils with memory foam or gel, bringing the best of both worlds together into a single mattress. Hybrid mattresses are an evolutionary step up from traditional standalone spring mattresses, yet they have a unique feel that some people prefer over an entirely foam-comprised mattress. The best way to experience the difference for yourself is to stop by your local Jerome's and try a hybrid mattress today.

Shopping for the Best Hybrid Mattresses

In order to select the perfect hybrid mattress for your home, you'll need to know what size mattress best suits your lifestyle and the level of support you require. Choosing the correct size and comfort levels are necessary to ensure restful comfort for years to come.

Firm Hybrid Mattresses

Firm hybrid mattresses hold your body on top of the bed rather than allowing you to sink into it. Thusly, firm mattresses are best for back sleepers who don't suffer from back problems. A firm mattress supports your entire body, keeping it on a level plane, which allows for easier breathing and evenly distributed pressure across your entire frame.

Plush Hybrid Mattresses

Softer mattresses are generally better for people who sleep on their side and for those who suffer from painful back injuries or arthritis. Though still supportive, plush hybrid mattresses allow your body to sink into the mattress. For side sleepers in particular, a soft mattress will more properly support your shoulders and hips, which, in turn, keeps the spine appropriately aligned.

Full Hybrid Mattresses

A full-size mattress is an ideal size for a solo sleeper who likes to spread out while they sleep. Couples can fit on a full-size hybrid mattress, though it will be a cozy situation. Full-size mattresses are also great for small bedrooms where there isn't much space to spare.

Queen Hybrid Mattresses

Perhaps the perfect size for two, queen mattresses provide just enough room for two people to sleep at a comfortable distance from one another when needed or snuggle closely together.

California King Hybrid Mattresses

California king mattresses are larger than queen mattresses, but longer and less wide than a "typical" king-size mattress. A California king hybrid mattress would be ideal for taller individuals, couples who prefer a little more space or people who often have their pet(s) sleeping at the foot of their bed.

Eastern King Hybrid Mattresses

Eastern king mattresses are your typical king-size mattress, and they are the widest of standard mattress sizes. If you have a newborn who will be sleeping next to your bed, or an easily frightened toddler who likes to cuddle after waking from a nightmare, an eastern king hybrid mattress will be your best option -- as long as you can fit it in your bedroom.

Find Your Next Hybrid Mattress Today!

Jerome's offers the best hybrid mattresses in the sizes you need and the comfort levels you crave. Now that you know what a hybrid mattress is and the options available, it's only a matter of choosing the ideal hybrid mattress for you. Take advantage of Jerry's Price and stop by your local Jerome's today to try a hybrid mattress in-person!