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Tempur Breeze ProHi + Cooling Pillow

Cutting-edge comfort that lasts. Breakthrough TEMPUR-Breeze® material stays cool to the touch for hours--responding to you, relaxing you, surrounding you in cooling comfort and support from head to toe, all night long, without ever going flat or losing shape. This is cooling like you've never felt. This is TEMPUR-Breeze®.


  • High profile: Designed for side sleepers and larger frames.
  • Adaptive comfort and support: Formed from a single piece of TEMPUR® technology that adapts to your head, neck, and shoulders.
  • Cool to the touch: Breeze® cooling technology on both sides of the pillow.
  • Cooling cover: Premium, 500-thread count cooling cover is removable and washable.
  • Rest assured: Thoughtfully designed, expertly engineered, and rigorously tested with a 5-year limited warranty for comfort you can rely on.
  • Dimensions
    30"W x 20"D
  • Weight
    6.97 lbs
  • Comfort
  • Pillow Size
  • Cooling
  • Foam
  • Cover
    500-thread Count, Washable, Cooling
  • Pillow Fill
  • Department