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Miracle Pillow

Enjoy the perfect night's sleep with Miracle Pillow's Queen Pillow! This pillow is a marvel of modern bedding design, combining the luxurious feel of memory foam with an ergonomic shape designed to reduce pressure points and improve circulation while you sleep. Its plush texture provides exceptional support and comfort, adapting to your head, neck, and shoulders for optimal pillowing. The pillow's core is made of 100% polyurethane foam that supports any sleeping position while being sensationally lightweight. To provide extra cushioning, the pillow is filled with malleable and adaptable shredded memory foam, ensuring you'll never wake up feeling stiff or uncomfortable. To top it all off, the Queen Pillow is covered in a beautiful two-tone double jacquard bamboo fabric cover in aesthetic neutrality and breathability. See why so many people have made Miracle Pillow their go-to choice for a great night's rest!


  • Comfortable with the plushness and breathability of memory foam
  • Conforms to your head, neck, and shoulders for personalized support
  • Creates a splendid sleeping surface and keeps you cool and comfortable
  • 100% polyurethane foam core
  • Double jacquard bamboo fabric cover
  • Malleable and adaptable shredded memory foam fill
  • Dimensions
    26"W x 20"D x 5.5"H
  • Weight
    4.88 lbs
  • Pillow Size
  • Type
    All Position