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We offer a wide variety of mattresses for sale throughout our stores in Southern California, providing all types of mattresses in San Diego and Los Angeles.

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We also carry all the mattress accessories you need, including frames, foundations, mattress protectors, sheets, and pillows.

Shop Inexpensive Mattress Sets

Price should never be an obstacle to a restful sleep. Our selection includes affordable mattress sets to meet the needs of any budget. Find quality options for any price level, starting as low as $300 for Harmony and Melody brand California King and Eastern King mattresses and under $500 for youth mattress sets.

If luxury is your preference, we also carry higher-end mattresses to meet any need. Choose from a full range of sizes, materials, and comfort levels.

Browse Our Selection of Available Mattresses for Sale

Our website's filtering system makes it easy for you to find the perfect style and size for a comfortable night's sleep. We carry all mattresses sizes, from Twin and Full to Queen and California King.

Different types of mattresses offer different levels of support, comfort, durability, and affordability, ranging from the firm support of innerspring mattresses to the custom coziness of memory foam.

Because of this, we carry numerous types of mattresses, including innerspring, gel foam, memory foam, pillow top, mattress-in-a-box style, adjustable beds, and kid and teen styles. We don't mean to brag, but you're pretty set when you shop from Jerome's.

Choose Your Comfort Level

Our mattresses come in a range of comfort levels to suit different needs and tastes. Some sleepers rest on their sides, which requires a bit of give in their mattress.

A plush or medium mattress provides this flexibility. If you sleep on your back, you need more support. A firm or medium-firm mattress provides this. We offer firm, medium, and plush options for mattresses.

Frames and Foundations

Getting the right mattress also means finding the right frames and foundations for solid support and a comfortable night's sleep without aches and pains. We also offer adjustable bed frames to accommodate any size mattress.

You also need a quality foundation for optimized support, height, stability, and durability. Choose from standard foundations or our signature Jerome foundations, available in all sizes to provide a perfect night's sleep.

Mattress Protectors

A mattress is a major investment, and it's important to keep your investment safe with a mattress protector. A mattress protector shields the mattress from dust, stains, bodily excretions, and other items that can cause damage while also preventing allergies and irritation.

We carry high-tech, state-of-the-art mattress protectors, including protectors with hypoallergenic properties, protectors with cooling fabric, and waterproof protectors that aid in antibacterial defenses. Say goodbye to stinky stains and hungry dust mites!

Mattress Sheets

To keep your body at a comfortable temperature at night, any mattress also needs sheets.

Material selection is crucial for sheet durability as well as how comfortable you'll be at night. The most popular type of sheet material is cotton, but alternatives include:

  • - Flannel, which is warmer.
  • - Silk, which is cooler and hypoallergenic.
  • - Polyesters and polyester-cotton blends such as microfiber, which are less expensive and more stain-resistant but less breathable.
  • - Tencel, a brand made from eucalyptus tree wood pulp with natural antibacterial properties and an eco-friendly production process.

In addition to these selections, we also carry other materials such as linen, bamboo, rayon, and non-cotton blends in a variety of colors.

So whether you need something bright for your kid's room or something more laid-back for adults, we have you covered.


The right pillow is essential to getting a good night's sleep. A suitable pillow needs to provide support, with enough room to accommodate your sleeping style, as well as a comfortable temperature.

One popular solution is memory foam pillows, which adjust to a customized shape based on your natural sleep position. However, memory foam pillows can retain heat, which can become uncomfortable, so recent innovations seek to minimize overheating.

We carry multiple sizes of memory foam pillows with relaxing lavender built in, as well as cold-wire and cold-tech pillows that keep you cool, including pillows specialized for side and stomach sleepers.

Find Mattresses in San Diego

For a restful night's sleep, visit your local Jerome's Furniture store to find a variety of mattresses for sale. You can also browse for the right frame, foundation, mattress protector, sheets, and pillows.

While you're there, browse Jerome's selection of furniture and take advantage of our exclusive Jerry's Price every day low prices.