Jerome's Bel Air Mattress Furniture

Bel Air

Inspired by the highest standards in European luxury, the future of sleep comfort comes home in the new Jerome's Bespoke Bel Air mattress. Delivering handcrafted comfort and unparalleled support, this mattress features a rare combination of the finest natural materials and handcrafted details the world has to offer. Crafted without compromise, each time-resilient layer rests over 1000 hand-assembled cotton calico-wrapped steel coils. Each mattress is finished with button tufting to ensure years of consistent rest and rejuvenation that will be felt in every last luxurious detail. Temperature regulating foams are innovated with carbon fibers and graphite latex to provide superior breathability and durability. At the same time, layers of responsibly sourced horsehair, cotton, and cashmere create comfort layers for optimal sleeping conditions.


*Jerome's Bespoke Collection - A custom Hand Made mattress built specifically for Jerome's takes 10 to 12 times longer to manufacture versus today's mass-produced mattresses. Using Old-World Hand Made designs and upholstery with today's newest technologies.

*Outer Button Tufted by Hand - Old-World Tufting pre-compresses all the layers to reduce body impressions while freeing the layers of unnecessary adhesives for the unique feel you desire.

*Imported Belgian Damask Fabric - the most durable and decorative fabrics made from natural fibers using Jacquard looms to weave beautiful designs.

*Old-World Natural Materials - Natural Cashmere fibers under the fabric, Natural Cotton and Natural Horse-Hair in the upholstery offer resilience, durability and ventilation while nature constantly replenishes these materials.

*Today's Newest Technologies - Highest Density Memory Foam infused with Natural Carbon, Natural Talalay Latex infused with Natural Graphite and the Bloom™ Micro Coil offer Pressure Relief, Support, Reduced Motion and breathability.

*Imported English Nested Coil - Our pocketed innersprings are Hand-Finished to ensure the highest quality. Coils are wrapped in cotton that are top-and-bottom tied to reduce adhesives and then nested for more than 1000 coils of support.

  • Mattress Size
  • Base Type
  • Comfort
  • Latex Type
    Graphite Latex
  • Adjustable Base Compatible
  • Coil Type
    Nested Pocketed Coils
  • Tufting
    Hand Tufted
  • Manufacturer Product Warranty
    25 Year Limited Warranty
  • Support Base
    Foam Encasement
  • Recommended Rotation
    Head To Foot
  • Mattress
    Certi Pur, Wool, Horse Hair