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About Comfort

A mattress is a highly personal choice and there's a lot to factor in, but one of the things you're probably most concerned about is comfort.

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You'll be sleeping on this bed for close to a decade -- or longer if maintained properly. But any old mattress isn't going to do. You also want to make sure that you're selecting a mattress that will fit your lifestyle and comfort preferences.

Here at Jerome's Furniture, we have over 30 years of mattress-making know-how, so we've made it easy to shop by mattress comfort. Here, you'll find the most popular mattress firmness levels to help you begin your search.

Shop Mattresses By Comfort

Mattress Firmness Level: Firm

Why might you want a firm mattress? Simple: less sagging. A firm mattress means that the body's weight is distributed evenly, which also means that your bones absorb most of the pressure and there is less stress on your muscles. When your muscles are less strained, your circulation improves.

The firm mattress collection at Jerome's Furniture features a wide variety of materials and supports. One of our top-rated mattresses is the Rejuvenate II Firm Mattress, which naturally wicks away moisture. Check out the product highlights in each of the mattresses to find out each one's unique properties.

Mattress Firmness Level: Medium

A typical sleeper will fall somewhere between medium-soft to medium-firm. Similar to a firm mattress, a medium mattress will keep your spine in its natural alignment. It's ideal for back sleepers since it helps prevent your hips and pelvis from sinking lower than your shoulders.

Jerome's Furniture has a selection of medium-firmness mattresses to choose from, including a gel and foam mattresses. One of our favorites is the Palazzo Streamline Medium Mattress, which features luxury firm Aireluxe high-density gel-infused foam to help relieve pressure.

Each of these medium-firmness mattresses has its own unique selling points, including things like enhanced lumbar support or a Smart Zone back support to cradle your body as you sleep. You can find more about where they fall on the mattress firmness level spectrum in the product highlights.

Mattress Firmness Level: Plush

If you're experiencing back pain, you might prefer a plush mattress. You might also prefer a softer mattress if you sleep on your side because it will better cushion your neck and shoulders. In this position, the spine is better aligned for more support. At Jerome's, you'll find plush mattresses at the low end of the spectrum with a mix of gel, foam, and pillow-top construction.

Your Way to a Better Night of Sleep

The best way to find a new mattress that will fit your lifestyle and give you the best support and sleep quality is by trying the mattress out. While you might think you know where you fall on this scale, it's easier to shop by mattress comfort in the store.

Come into a Jerome's Dream Shop and browse in the privacy of a store within a store where you can focus solely on finding the right mattress for your needs. The exclusive Complete Fit process lets our associates find the perfect mattress to fit your body, including where you fall on our mattress firmness levels.

Visit one of our Jerome's Furniture locations today and find your way to a better night's sleep.